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Things Left Unsaid

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, Written for a friend whom I had a disagreement with a little over a year ago. I will work for your forgiveness.

Every ounce of energy
Will go into this apology
For things I've done and left unsaid
For all the wrong that was in my head
The moment that I said the words
That made the sides of our friendship turn
I take them back, yes every one
My effort hereĀ has just begun.

Your unwavering dominance
Haunts my everyday existance
With madnessĀ of lost memories
Of things we all found challenging
Yet you still helped me through it all
And my own actions made this fall
How it now shames me now to see
The one at fault was always me.

So now I ask for this moment in time
To right the wrongs with simple rhyme
And pleading eyes begging you so
To take this grudge and let it go
So we might share another day
Where laughter rolls our tears away
And bright new friendships can be spun--
A glory day in the hot sun.

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