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Where is our innocence?

By: hummingbird heart

Page 1, This poem is about our innocence, how it has be stolen throughout the years for many reason. This can relate to every teenager in the world.

Our minds like skin, Elastic, I know. From the moment we are born, Elastic, I know. From the moment we hear bad words, We lose our form. From the moment we find out about our sexuality, We lose our from. From that very moment when we see something pornographic, We lose our form From the moment we start to fall for someone, We lose our form. That moment when we start to feel bad about the things we do, Or from the moment in which we don't believe in our selves, And that moment when you find out something that makes your heart sink. We lose most of our form. But it's the moment, The moment where you realize, That your elastic mind, Has been stolen, That's when our minds become wrinkled. That's when we ask ourselves, where is the cream? Where can I get my elasticity back? Until you realize, You can't get it back, Your once elastic mind, Has been stolen, That's when you realize, You mind will always be wrinkled.

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