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ma life

By: hustla24

Page 1, this peice is from a hard time in ma life comment it if u like

Yo these zanex barz makin me forget all the pain in ma sites because when i wake up the next day i cant remember the wat happened last nite I know it aint right and that it looks wrong in god eyes but shit thas ma life-

Writin ryhmes and blowin kill to release da stress or just until i could find my own quest they say u cant change ur destiny but im not gonna let it get the best of me i say that questionaly-

I think im different than everyone else im not after all tha wealth but it would be good to have stacks of gz and and jordans to put on ma feet that i could see fuc it though ill let destiny be-

Im tired of watchin ma mom strugglin to get out of her bed cause all the pillz done went to her head she told me once she would be better off dead Mom are you listening to wat u just said im blinded by tears its like my eyes dont like me and ma vision is mean to me-

I dont even no wat to type anymore if you gettin the chills by the wordz before you know the world and how it can give ur life one big twurl but piece by piece homie everything will come together and if not then u must seek something betta-

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