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I'm only 14

By: imyoung

Page 1, My life in a nut shell.



Give me a reason to be alive
I can’t find one
I’m crying I never cry, ever 
I can feel myself dying
I cut today, I never cut. Anymore
My life is a mess
I need to restart
Be reborn
Give me a reason to be alive
The guy that I like has other girls
I’m jealous
Too jealous for words
My parents are against me
I was addicted to pills
I hear voices
And get drunk off cheap alcohol when I’m short on bills
I smoke everyday
I’m looking for a better way to cope with it all
A better way, just to reach the end of the day
I can’t sleep, I don’t sleep, and I take naps
I’m a thug, and I bust traps
I’m smart
I’m hurting
I wanna enter a part of my life where I’m happy
I used to steal
There wasn’t a day where I had to pay
I strong 
I have never need help finding my way along
I am my own parent
I make my own decisions
I can bail myself outta prison
I have tried to hang myself several times
I’m depressed
I’m just one hell of a mess
Every person I have had sex with isn’t special 
No, correction I’m not special to them, “like that”
Give me another pat on the back…
I broken
But don’t cut me any slack 
I’m too young for this
People my age spend their time eating cheese and Ritz
I spend my time just like this
I’m 14
Only 14…

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