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Miss that Bong.

By: JiDonnelly

Page 1, I take my bong almost everywhere with me and i took it to a freinds to get high with i left there over night and never got it back until a week later, i had to smoke blunts\' instead and i was gutted.

I snapped at all my mains' all day
really i was a cow
"will you lighting the fuck up" is what they would say
or "what is up with you now?"
I am on my fifth blunt and still i am pissed
but i am aware of what is wrong
something almost like someone is sadly missed
man, I miss my bong.
Snapped at all my Homes' i did
I have lost it i am going daft
I just cant seem to keep a lid
Some Mofo' has my other half

Ok admitted it, it has been said
that was it all along
someone has just rained on my parade
I really miss my bong.
It is really not the same anymore
I cannot enjoy my high
I am on my fifth blunt now and already packed four
but you see we are close my bong and I
I cannot explain it, it is sad,ever so sad
really never thought i would see the day
and all day i have been mad, ever so mad
someone has took my pride and joy away
to be fair i am really not amused
and wont be until the bong is back safe and sound where it belongs
you better be scared you are getting badly bruised

NO-ONE takes my bongs.

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