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Out To Hurt Me.

By: JiDonnelly

Page 1, Confused feelings. mixed.

Your bright eyes your beautiful smile
you're so hard to let go
your constant lies your too galas style
makes me really want to though
your contagious laugh my better half
sometimes I think I could not ask for anymore
but anyday you can runaway
and walk right out that door
your morning kiss your gentle toned voice
continues to make my heart melt
I would keep it like this if it was my choice
it is the most amazing feeling I have ever fealt
I want to stop caring and not be so nice fuck you over fuck you over twice
you're hurting me real bad
if I never loved you so much I would take pleasure from anothers touch
I could never no matter how I get mad
return the same treatment and tell you a lie
but in my heart I cant flee'
convince you I love you all so sly
how can you do that to me?
I want to so badly and think I should
to make you feel this awful pain
to hurt you proper to hurt you good
until you never hurt me again
watching you sleep my mind goes deep
I cant keep my eyes closed
I try to hide the hurting inside
But still my feelings are exposed
tattoo my name on your arm symbols I bring you anything but harm
is the type you're turning out to be
saying you wouldnt mess with my head but worse instead
I am certain you're out to hurt me.


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