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Your Nightmares Are My Dreams

By: jordix

Page 1, Just know my love for you was real.

Your Nightmares Are My Dreams

By Jordi Anaya


Blue walls surrounded us,

A soundless T.V. was on

He began to mouth words,

And with the word remember he begun

Remember the sound

Those wild animals would make

The loudness of your scream

As we went downhill

Your laughs and giggles

When I splash water on you

The tears that hit your cheek

When your father left

How deep in sorrow you were

When you found out our first was to never happen

You wouldn't here his or her footsteps

Instead, you'd hear your mothers whining

Through every pit of joy,

Through every pit of sorrowness,

I stand by you

And before I exit this room

Just know my love for you was real

I'll say hi to your dad

Say hi to that which never happened

And with a blink of an eye,

I'll be gone to you

But to me you are forever here

Your last kiss on my cheek,

Will forever be the one I cherrish

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