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Respect My Relationship

By: KaeNichole

Page 1, I hate when females do to others the same things they hate done to them. My boyfriend ex is sneaky and I wrote this after a conversation he showed me from he. Really out of anger, and being lost in my thoughts.

You've lost !

You're hurt ...

You left.. ?

Your lost !

My gain. My Love. My man. Ring on my left hand.


Chasing love only pushes it further away, but since you "love" whats mine.

Flip the script and picture this is your mind.

"I miss the old us" ... the y'all you let go of?

"I love you, give me one more chance to show you" ...

Try showing him anything I'll kill you.

Send another picture, say you've cried your eyes out all night

think you have a chance, Dare you to put up this Fight.

Let me tell the love of your life,

I love and miss him. while he's clearly into you.

Nah. I may dislike you but Respect= True.

Something you obviously couldn't be or do.

So this is my simple message to you.

Respect my relationship, let him go.

He has no space for bullshit. equaling you.

ANGER... Lost in my teenaged thoughts.


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