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Are We a Lie?

By: Kitsunex3

Page 1, Those times when you aren\'t sure if what is said is true because you are blinded by the idea of love.

What if you were to test 

the validity of my veracity?

Would you still love me, 

or revert to despondency?

For my words, involuntarily libel,

will hurt once translated to fact.

I fight to stop the deceit,

a trait I have never lacked.

Or would there be blithe

as your love is a guile?

To keep me from morose

and the entrance to denile.

Perhaps my fabrications

are not lies, but true?

And you are one of them,

whose feelings lessened not grew.

If this is the way

then end it for you and me

Because this is not how

love is supposed to be.

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