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Taste Of What You've Payed For

By: Kote

Page 1, what goes around, comes back around. Karma can be... well you know :)


Taste of What You’ve Payed For


Think you’ll get away from what you’ve done?

They already found the one.

Didn’t think you were that nuts

To go all the way and hate my guts.


I know things went downhill,

But did you really have to kill?

You didn’t have to shout

We could’ve figured things out!

Hit me, rape me, cut me,

All because we couldn’t agree.

Life is hard, yes,


You had no right

To kill me with all your might.


They will find you,

Even by the DNA they knew!

Too late,

You are the bait.

The chase has begun

So don’t try to run.


Now it’s the end

Where you will attend

The high court.

Nobody’s there to support

Your crime.

Don’t worry; you won’t pay time…..


My oh my,

Ever heard of “an eye for an eye?”

You get the same,

You die along with your shame.

I’m no longer alive anymore,

But I can fly and soar.


Nothing wrong with a taste of what you’ve payed for. 


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