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Lovely Eve

By: pakla

Page 1, For Precious for Eve

You’re girl so selfish

You took away all the beauty

In the world


Now I believe

You’ve made me a believer

In the supernatural

That it’s not only angels

But archangels too

That live amidst us

Like you


You scintillate my mind

Into romantic trance

Spelled by your charms


I am crippled by the jiggle and

Zigzag of your hip bone


Entranced by your catwalk

And swish


Arrested in reverie

By your cosmetic smile


Surely the fairytales of wizards

Witches magic and spells

Are true


You’re a powerful testimony

Undeniable to skeptic and believer


There’s design

But you’re the grand design


There’s beauty in the world

And you’re its definition

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