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I Thought We Was Cool

By: RealThoughts

Page 1, story about a four year relatioship that just ended with out any answers

I thought we was cool

i thought we was cool, thinking love at first sight

by the way you softly wispered in my hear at night.

the way you sqeeze and kiss me, with all your might.

Why did that dream become a fucked up ?thing

if you only knew what i mean. i thought it would

always last, only cause i was ?stuck in tha past

i thought we was cool, but now i see. while

sitting, thinking in my white tee..............he

really surprised me!?I thought we was cool.

thinking you was the only life lesson i wanted

to prove. The shit played out very so smooth

I thought we was cool, maybe because you kept

?me in that groove, only to move out my? life soon.

haters with rumors covered your mind, not knowing

they just wanted a piece of the pie. um, them boys

trying to shine,was it worth all that lying? hey, i thought

we was cool. Now i learn ,watching?my ?past? burn.....

Uh,I thought we was cool!!

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