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Guessing I was there all along

By: Rhensis

Page 1, A poem about someone who is depressed. Rather awful I\'m afraid. Not one of my best :(

Guessing I was there all along...
Branches reach out menacingly,
Trying cruelly to catch me.

Soil displaces under my bare feet,
Attempting to trip me.

She’s still there, behind me,
Trying to catch up desperately.

Heavy breathing feels like the only sound,
Resonating around my empty head.

The path is never-ending,
Stopping only when I choose it to.

She’s still there behind me,
Catching up quickly.

Tears sting my eyes,
Timing their arrival perfectly.

Blackness fades over the scene,
Closing me in its evil clutches.

She’s now here, beside me,
Haunting me like a ghost never could.

Time to give up I think.
Slowing down to let it consume me.

Without warning I’m standing on the cliff edge,
Guessing I was here all along.

She’s now standing behind me,
Telling me not to leap.

I take a fleeting glance over my shoulder,
Seeing the path that I'm leaving behind.

Then I look back again,
Seeing the house that I loved so much.

I don’t listen,
Let me leap, let me fall.

She's touching my shoulder now,
Shrugging her, I plea to her to let me be.

Let me leave behind what used to be me...

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