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Final Acceptance...

By: Seer

Page 1, A mix of emotions, stirring in my heart... I didn\'t know what to write... So I started at the start. :)

It rains on the school morning, im soaked through and through.

Waiting at the bus stop; watching the rain, i think of you.

Then a tear falls slowly down my face,

But as the rain falls, it disappears without a trace.


I think of you often, i wont deny,

I'm trying my best to not look at you or cry.

I wonder if you know, how it feels to be me?

I wonder if you still hold, my hearts broken key.


I see you in tutor time, sitting across the room,

I see you through class windows, making the class like a tomb.

I see you pierced blue eyes glance over at me,

Some say you stare but i pretend to not see.


I can't help the feeling that you're thinking this too,

I can't help but know, that i used to love you.

I wish we could move on and be friends,

But after all the lies and hurt, can there be a mends?


I would talk to you, if only i didnt have my pride.

I would smile at you, but my tears have to hide.

Do you think about me, as i think about you?

Do you remember the fact, that you used to love me too.


Thank you for reading:)♥

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