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Never Goodbye Part 2

By: clslater

Page 1, The ending to Never Goodbye...I never knew it didn\'t all copy!

Scene 3
The curtains open on Melody’s bedroom. She is sitting on the edge of her bed strumming a guitar. Her mother walks in carrying some clean clothes. She sets these on top of the dresser then stops to listen for a moment.
Mom: Sounds pretty good. What is it?
Melody: (without looking up) Just working on something for the talent show. You know, trying to live one of my own dreams.
Mom: It’s not just yours, you know. I had the same dream once. I even got to live it.
Melody: (stops strumming) When did you ever perform on stage.
Mom: Shortly after your father and I got married. I practiced singing with a rock band for a little while. Then one night I finally got the chance to perform. Oh, I sounded so good. That was my first and last performance.
Melody: If you sounded so good, why was that your last performance?
Mother: Well, it was a heavy metal band. I really got into the music and decided to do a stage dive. No one caught me. (Melody laughs) Oh, come on! It’s not funny! I fractured my arm doing that!
Melody: I would have loved being there when you explained everything to the doctor.
Mom: Ok, so maybe it was kind of funny. (Sits down on bed next to Melody) I’m going to say this, and I don’t want you to interrupt me. I don’t want you to try and throw it in my face, either. What I want to say is, I’m sorry. I left your father because he didn’t seem to have any goals. He knew he was never going to be called up to the majors, but he kept on playing anyways. When I finally got up the nerve to leave him, I knew I couldn’t let you grow up without goals, so I gave you a goal. I just never asked if it was one that you wanted.
Melody: I know I shouldn’t have gone off on you like that. Especially at school.
Mom: Did Mr. Baxter say anything about it?
Melody: No, he never mentioned it, but he did move me next to my friends. I think he is scared of ticking me off now.
Mom: Honey, I’m a little scared of ticking you off now! Look, I know that things are tough with you and your friends right now.
Melody: How do you know that?
Mom: I talked to Tommy. Actually, Tommy called here and started talking to me and wouldn’t shut up! I had to pretend that there was a grease fire in the kitchen to get rid of him!
Melody: At least he didn’t offer to beam you to safety. He tried that with me once. I was picking glitter out of my hair for weeks.
Mom: Well, just a little piece of motherly advice, then I’ll leave you alone: never miss the chance to say goodbye.
Melody: Thanks, Mom. I love you.
Mom: Love you, too, dear.
Mom exits. Melody returns to strumming her guitar.
Melody: (singing) Never miss the chance to say goodbye…
Lights fade on bedroom and raise on talent show stage. There is a table where three adults sit, a stool, and a microphone.
Principal: Students of DeSoto High School, I give you this year’s final talent show. As you know, the winner of this talent contest will be allowed to perform at the graduation commencement tomorrow night. The vice-principals and I will be the judges, and our decisions are final. Let’s get this show started. The first act is Miss Melody Kellerman, singing an original song.
 Melody arrives on stage and sits on the stool with her guitar.
Melody: I wrote this after facing a tough time letting go of the past. In the process, I know I upset a lot of people by trying to get them to hang on as well. I’m sorry, guys. You’re right. It’s time to start moving on. (Melody sings Never Miss the Chance to Say Goodbye.)
Principal: (Applauding as Melody leaves the stage) That was wonderful, Melody. Truly wonderful. Our next act has been a well known part of our athletics program for four years here. Ladies and gentlemen, Tommy Goodspey.
Tommy walks on stage to laughter. He is carrying a small duffel bag with him.
Tommy: I want to dedicate this song to a friend that always listens and is there for me.
(Tommy pulls a large rubber chicken out of his duffel bag and begins to sing to it) Rubber chicken, you’re the one. You make play time lots of fun….
Principal: (Standing up) Stop! Stop it now! Tommy, I have tried my best to look the other way for the past four years, but this is it. You really need to see a counselor, son. After twenty years of being a principal, I never thought I would say this: you and your chicken need to get off the stage right now!
Lights dim on the talent show and raise on Melody’s room. Melody and all of her friends run into the room, excited.
Cally: I can’t believe you won, Mel! That is so great!
JC: I know you have been waiting three years to do that. Now don’t you wish that you had done it sooner?
Melody: Now I know why you love acting so much, Stephanie. Being on stage is kind of a rush.
Stephanie: Isn’t it, though? It could keep me hyper for days!
JC: So could a Mello Yellow the way you react to caffeine.
Melody: Look, guys, I know I kind of ruined your year. I’m sorry. All that I could think about was the fact that I might not have you guys there all the time in the years ahead. I didn’t bother to appreciate the times that we had before. Thanks for always sticking with me.
Callie: Thanks for not telling Bob that I misspelled his name.
JC: And for helping me push my brother around when I couldn’t.
Stephanie: And for not laughing at me when I chased my hair.
The girls get together in a group hug. Tommy comes in, sees them and tries to join in the hug.
Tommy: I love you guys!
The girls scream and break the hug.
Girls: (together) Eeww! Get away? How did you get in here? Don’t your parents let you in the house? I hope you’re not contagious!
Curtain closes. Tommy appears to address the audience, working with the Rubic’s Cube, which is nearly finished.
Tommy: Well, folks, things worked out pretty well. Cally went to Brown University. She met a guy there and is engaged to be married. His name is Bob. She still misspells it in her e-mails. Stephanie went to New York to act. She hasn’t hit it big yet, but she’s having the time of her life trying. JC got into MIT, and is working on her PhD. Can I buy a vowel please? And Mel, she wound up going to UCLA. Not because her mother wanted her to, but because she chose to. She performs in a local club there every weekend. I’m still living with my folks. But don’t worry about my future. Bill Gates is my uncle. Life is a riddle, but all you have to do is keep plugging away at it (holds up finished Rubic’s Cube) and you’ll get it solved. Hey, you wanna go watch the Alien Autopsy with me? (starts walking off stage) It is so cool! It shows all the blood, and the alien guts. There’s even this one organ, it looks like….
The end

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