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A Piece on life

By: Kissmeimgreek

Page 1, Some new material I\'ve been working on. This is the opening monologue (first draft), not sure what the title is yet. Not even sure if there is a story to this character or if this little rant is all she\'ll get.


Remember when you were young, you use to gaze up at the stars and just let them take you away. So innocent we were - dreaming of the unthinkable like flying and having you parents be secret CIA agents. When we start to grow older though we realize that we really can fly - through aviation or mass intake of drugs. And we learn that our parents are regular people. We build new dreams once the old have been resolved. They clutter our head and mash around into what we want our life to resemble, perfect job, perfect car, perfect house, perfect life. Through all these pieces we develop we rarely stop to think about if they are all going to fit together and if they do - will the end result look as nice as we thought it would be?

We learn about reality and probability. We are aware of stats and stakes but regardless we build the ladder of undreamable dreams and secretly hope that waiting at the top of the ladder is the life we dreamed since we thought we could fly. The thing is about growing up is you grow into who you are, and sometimes everything you thought you wanted, everything you thought would make you happy has all slipped away and your left with who you really are and now before you can even start to think about climbing your ladder you must first figure out how to walk with this new person. How to accept this new you.

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