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This is a play I wrote for English class, inspired by the Shakespearean classics "Romeo and Juliet", "As You Like It", and "A Midsummer Night's Dream", all of which I read for aforementioned English class. I'll let you read it to decide what you think.

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Mi Rosa
Scene One
Night with moonlight in an overgrown meadow. Rosalind stands in the grass, a finch on her finger. The finch is whistling.
Rosalind: Look, pretty bird, the morrow has broken long ago, and now the goddess Diana, flanked by her twinkling followers, shines in the midnight sky. Oh, look how she illuminates our earth, shedding light on the face of both I and my love. Sleep, love, sleep and let heavy night close thy sainted eyelids and smooth thy worry-ridden face. Sleep, though I cannot, for I know what toil I have caused.
Scene Two
Sunlight. A slightly packed marketplace complete with cobblestones and street vendors. Eduardo and Fransisco enter from opposite sides of stage with each a pack of men, their friends.
Eduardo, to friends: My men, look humbly towards the gorgeous skies that twinkle in my lovely's eyes. Apollo hath done away with the clouds so he can see the face of mi rosa - my rose.
Fransisco, to friends: I wonder how her hand can stand to touch such dirty air, without casting it away in distain. She should cast away me, too. Me neshhama s'escurese sufriendo del amor - my soul withers with the pain of love. Fair Rosalind, see how you have penetrated my breast and nestled your dagger deep inside.
Eduardo: Fransisco, senor! I see that my amigo hath once again jaunted upon the commonplace, doing countless acts in need of repentance. How now, merry lad?
Fransisco: Merry am I not, amigo, for a great plague hath taken habitat inside this empty body.
Eduardo: Halt, say no more. Come, friend, to the doctor with this pain and we shall cure you.
Fransisco: No drug is as strong, as lethal, or as potent, as this cursed predator. It gnaws at my bones until my very eyes do ache.
Eduardo: What be this wretched virus, unsolved by our mighty physicians?
Fransisco: none but that horrible disease that comes from the first sight of one powerful goddess.
Eduardo: Ah, my little amigo has at long last found his senorita! I, too, have found mi rosa. She is a fresh bud on a withering bush.
Fransisco: Ah, y mi rosa! She is the nightingale who sings sweetly in the night of long star-crossed lovers.
Eduardo: And now to our separate roses, goodbye amigo!
Fransisco: 'Til morrow, cous!
Exit. Same scene, but night. Enter Rosalind with finch.
Rosalind; Oh, bird, should you know my woe you would squawk and flutter away, free soul. You would stay no more than a second before dancing off on your bright wings to kiss the heavens and dance freely on a twig, leagues above this morbid ground. See here; my two friends, who have done me naught harm, have been tricked by one as preposterously vile as I. They believe they love this one woman, but the woman they see is never, and will never be! The one who has stolen their hearts is a vile creature - I - and though I may love one of them -ay, love - I cannot be with him. He deserves so much better than me, my impish, wretched self. He deserves one who can care for him when he is ill, one whom he can patiently rest his head on and trust never to betray him of his love. I am not that blessed, saintly woman, the jealousy of us all. Though I long to be, I cannot fool him any longer. I must take myself away from him. Fie! Only fair daggers can pry me from him.
Examines dagger hidden inside many layers of skirts.
Rosalind: My shy Fransisco, you will be saved. My boisterous Eduardo, life for you shall be sweet. But not tonight - I cannot leave you tonight. So for now, sleep, friends.
Kneels, sobs, and then finally sleeps. Dawn breaks. Enter Eduardo with his entourage.
Eduardo, to men: … So I say to him, 'That way!" And I point downwards!
Men laugh.
Man: Ay, master, no such Eduardo can be found as you.
Eduardo: Look, sirrah, what lies here on this damp, earthen ground and rests its fair curls on such rough roots. Speak, lady, dead or alive?
Goes to Rosalind, kneels.
Eduardo: What be this hex? I know this face, this soft and gentle face, which has soothed me since it lay next to me in mi tabilla, my cradle. No man can comprehend with what longing I have memorized my senorita's features - here\ rosy cheeks, her watery eyes and her golden hair. Mi rosa, mi amor, my only warmth in this desolate world, come and be merry with me! Death is no worthy gentlemen.
Shakes Rosalind desperately.
Eduardo: Please senorita! Awaken, if you value the life of this man!
Rosalind awakens.
Rosalind: Apollo's chariot flies too early for mine tired eyes. Rest ye longer, Apollo, do not drive your horses yet so soon,
Eduardo: Mi amigo awakens! Hola, senorita! Your eyes have been closed for far too many hours for my fragile sanity.
Rosalind: What sanity could bind Eduardo to such a deceitful maid?
Eduardo: Only the sanity of love, such insanity which plagues youth across the world.
Rosalind: Worry not, good friend. I shall plague you no more.
Eduardo: What plague doth my love speak of so menacingly?
Rosalind unsheathes dagger from her dress, suddenly, and stabs herself before Eduardo can stop her, right in front of him.
Eduardo, sobbing violently: No, Lord, open thy merciful arms and take me with her! Or damn me to the deepest depths of Hell, to toil eternally for the Devil, for I cannot live in such a world, do not deserve to live in such a mocking world without my cadriad del sol - my sun!
Enter Fransisco, unaware of sobbing.
Fransisco: Hola, amigo!
Realizes Eduardo is sobbing, but does not see the body yet.
Fransisco: Speak, amigo, what troubles your friendly soul? None that lies deeper than the skin, I hope.
Eduardo: None deeper than a pinprick on the thumb for you. But to me, it's a pinprick to the heart, one that pierces through harshly and oozes dark red blood. Rojo! My hands and face are covered, slimed with rojo!
Fransisco walks to Eduardo, to comfort him, and kneels down next to him. He then sees the body, and assumes that Eduardo, his closest friend, has murdered her.
Fransisco, choking slightly but not sobbing - in shock: What vile devil lies within you, friend, which could so harshly slay my soul, and leave it crushed for the world to scorn?
Pauses. Still in shock.
Fransisco, whispering to Rosalind's body: Mi rosa del amor. My wistful dream in dreary night. When you sigh, I inhale the scent of your breath and I live. Let me join you, love. Let me join you, rosa.
He raises his arms. Eduardo watches, silently.
Fransisco, screaming to sky: Take me with you!
Fransisco wrenches knife out of Rosalind and points it at himself. Eduardo grabs his wrist.
Fransisco: Fie! Let off, foul slug!
Eduardo: Amigo, you have misjudged This cannot be your rosa. Relieve yourself. And do not judge your friend. He is the most evil of all evils, but he is too weak to commit this crime. To kill my love, mi rosa, that would take the strength of some honorable man.
Fransisco: I do object, senor. My rosa lies on this here earth, her body pierced by this wretched dagger. Now give me that dagger, may I enjoy its happy gift.
Eduardo: Ci, amigo, now I see. Our rosa's are one and the same. Come, brother, you may have the dagger, But first, stain thy hands with my vile blood.
Enter finch, whistling.
Fransisco: Pause, amigo! Doth thou not hear that voice, and be reminded? Doth thou not hear that tune, and visualize an angelic figure, laying her hand on a golden balcony? Doth thou not know that song?
Eduardo: Ay, and deliver me to that voice! Mi rosa!
They see the finch. Fransisco hums along with the tune.
Eduardo: Rest ye! She is among us yet. She whispers as the wind, and sobs as the rain. She runs through the ocean and forms waves; she flutters through the fields as a swallow. She is among us still. She would want us to live through this, to look back on this as an event in the past. She will always be right by our shoulders, peering at us, splashing us in ponds and giggling in our ears. She will always be there, watching over us, our guardian angel, wherever we go. We shall never say goodbye.


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