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Life is never lost

Short story By: aero2146
Young adult

LIfe is someting that is made to be won, even though you think you cannot or you think there is no point in living. Thins story reenfores that truth.

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The dazzling headlights flickered over a passing billboard and Jamie stared in amusement at the three ducks pecking at the ground. They reminded him of another life. Even though the vehicle he was driving was fast moving he slowed his mind as he observed the three little ducklings. The ducks were pecking the ground in search of food before the rain arrived. The climate was dark and gloomy and the sky was crowded with graphite black clouds pushing each other for space. As a tiny drop of water hit the ground the ducklings panicked. It reminded him of a younger, more innocent version of himself. He pictured himself, all alone sitting in a bench in his new primary school. He couldn't remember every detail but he could fit the pieces in even though the puzzle had many missing pieces he made sense out of it. He saw the ducklings stay there without knowing what to do, without the sign of their mother they were stranded just like he was when he was little. He saw them look for shelter but their hopelessness took the better of them as they were attacked by the rain droplets from the sky. The connection between the ducks and Jamie was strong but it was soon broken by the terrifyingly enormous sound of the honking truck right before him… His mind filled with darkness.

The sound of his ambulance, noise of the truck started irritating Jamie's mind. The feel of loss, loss in his life as well as loss in his future, he could picture a person filled with sadness and depression that he has nothing to his life and he knew that his life was a game that he lost. Taking a small bite of his two layered buttered sandwich, Jami e lay on the bench thankful that he could go to school even though his mum couldn't afford to send him. He was young and amateur at that time when he knew little of the world. His sandwich flew out of his hand and it fell on the dusty floor. Jamie looked astonished as he himself didn't cause it to happen but an external force by something else. As Jamie turned around he saw three strong, hideous looking boys. All looking similar with scars on their faces with a dirty look, Jamie could assess that they were the bullies of the school.

"Hey outta here, this is our spot" said the bully in the middle.

Jamie got up without a question in his mind, picked up his bread to see if it still was edible. He knew it was not but he had no other choice that he knew if he doesn't eat this he can't eat till tomorrow. As the bell rang he went to his classes and somehow finished the school without thinking about the bullies. As it reached time for him to go home the bullies showed up blocking his way this time there were only two. One grabbed his bag and one held him in a lock. The bully held his bag over the fast flowing stream.

"Want it, Come get it." The bully shouted.

Jamie didn't know what to do, he also wandered as why do these bullies do this? Just for fun? How could they have fun with this? He also knew that if he lost his bag he couldn't go to school again. That was his only one and he wouldn't be able to afford the buy all the stuff I it again. Jamie has to make a decision and fast. The hot sun shone on Jamie's face as his sweat stremed down his face. He struggled to break free but it was no use. He suddenly got instant electric shock in his brain and it was the best idea he could think of at that moment. He laid an instant kick on the bully's leg who was holding him from his future, and as he broke free he raced towards the bully who was about to ruin his future once and for all. As the anger and defeat ran through his veins the speed increased more and more up to a limit where he couldn't control himself but with ambition to retrieve his bag he bumped into the bully with huge amounts of force which caused bully to tremble and fall from the bridge into the fast flowing shallow river. Jamie possessed what he thought to be his future in his hand but he didn't know that his bad luck was just beginning. He took a peek into the river and all he saw was horror. He knew if he stayed here he was going to be sent to prison, so he dropped his 'future' from his hands and began his journey into the outer world.

Jamie couldn't ever think about school again as his current home was miles away from his old one and it was just a box. Jamie knew all he needed was a job to start. But he already knew that he was a failure and life was a game over.

As he slowly tried to be open his eyes he heard a warm welcoming voice which seemed awfully familiar. Jamie felt happy as he thought that his life has come to an end and he was in heaven but he was too early to think about that.

"Jamiee…, Jamiee…" The voice muttered in his head again and again but couldn't figure out who it was. Jamie attempted another time to open his eyes and this time he succeeded. He saw the blurry figure over his head which soon came into focus.

"Mum…" Jamie muttered.

"Yes sweetie, I'm here don't worry" she said.

"What happened mum?" Questioned Jamie.

"You hit a truck…" said Jamie's mum and before she could finish Jamie said.

"I mean, what happened to you?"

"I'm alright first worry about you" she said.

The day Jamie got discharged from the hospital his mum wanted to take him to her house. As she took him out Jamie saw a beautifully astonishing Roll Royce. Its elegant black paint reflected the reflections of the whole surroundings, the car was overall looked powerful, the elegancy of the car was another story. As Jamie's eye couldn't leave the sight of the car but something which broke it was his mum opening the car telling him to get in.

"What…" Jamie glared in astonishment

"2 months after you left son, I won a 100 million lottery. That's how I got the money" she said in an expectation that Jamie wouldn't believe her.

"…and that's all yours son" she said.

From that moment Jamie knew that the game wasn't over. It just has begun.


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