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By: Aliceson77

Page 1, A short story I wrote.REALLY short.But I love it.

I arrive just in time to see the dart enter his body.Blood.Like rain on pavement.Like mud on boots.I scream his name and shoot the man who shot him.He dies without knowing what hit him.Jace, are there more?JACE, ARE THERE MORE?? ''No....'', I hear him say, weakly. I drop the gun and run to him.He would usually be strong, but he's only 16.And he knows he's dying.''Shhh... It's ok....'', I say, soothing him long enough for him to mouth, 'take out the dart.'I do, and he winces, and bites his lip.I brush the hair out of his eyes.I look at the wound, and know, he's a goner. The venom has entered his veins, It will go to his heart, and he will die.''Dont worry, it will be over soon..'', I say.Tears roll down my cheeks. ''Dont cry.'', he says, wiping the tears gently away.''One question.'', he says. ''Anything.'', I answer. '' How do you draw so beautifully?'' , he asks. ''.....I'll show you.'' I answer plaintively.I take out the black charcoal pencil he gave me, and I draw one thing. A bird, wings spread out in flight, right over his ugly wound. He's playing with my hair, he braided a flower into it.''Thanks.'' I run my three middle fingers over his lips.''And Claire...'' ''yes, Jace?'' I whispered.His last words are barely audible. ''I love you.'' then I see his hand drop from my hair down to his bird, his body streaked with blood , and know he is gone.                  

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