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Here is my short story, Palm Island. It is a short, quick read, and I have had many good reviews from friends and family, so I am going to publish it here on booksie! :D

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Palm Island

16 year old Malia and 17 year old Ramun watched in utter disgust as the leader of their tribe anounced the proclamation that changed their world.

"The tribe of Kaliniki will move to the island of Saint Marcos, so that we can leave our tiny island for one that is much bigger, and that is in a shipping channel, allowing us the freedom of trade. We leave tommorow at sunrise." The next morning, Ramun and Malia were not on the boat leaving for the island of Saint Marcos. Instead, they were hiding in a cave.

Maila, a woman now 19 with long brown hair and brown eyes, was heating the water for soup when Ramun came home with the fresh catch of fish. Ramun, who was 20 with blond hair and brown eyes, sat down with a sigh.

"What's wrong Ramun? Are you all right? You seem so glum and unhappy. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" Malia asked worriedly.

"I'm all right. I just crave the endless chatter of the women of the tribe. Somehow, I wish I was on the boat that took our people to Saint Marcos. I just feel so alone." Ramun said.

"Ramun, don't act so glum. You have me to keep you company and to talk to. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" Malia asked, kindly.

"I would love for you to make me some abalone and mussel soup with roots. It would really cheer me up. That and a honey cake for dessert."

"Okay, if that's what you want, then that's what you may have. I'll get started with it immedietly." said Malia. That night, after Malia had gone to sleep, Ramun crept out of the house, and went to his secret place,where he was building a canoe.

Two months later, Ramun decided to show Maila his canoe. "Malia, Maila! Come here! I have a surprise for you!" he shouted.

"What is the surprise Rumun? Is it a necklace?" asked Malia excitedly.

"No. Much better than that. I have built a canoe for us so that we can go to Saint Marcos! We can leave tommorow if you want!" Ramun said.

"Ramun, you have built a beatiful canoe. However, I don't want to go to Saint Marcos Island. I want to stay here. It's beautiful here. Listen to the birds chirpping and the wind in the palms. Listen to the sea gently crashing on the cliff. See the fish glidding by as you go hunting for abalones. Why would you want to leave?" said Malia.

"I want to see my parents, if they are still alive, and I want to be around people again. I miss them. If you don't have everything packed before noon tommorow, I'm leaving without you." Ramun said angrily.

"How dare you suggest that we leave our home! How could you think of such a thing. I will not leave the place which I consider my home. You can't take me with you, even if you drag me to the boat! I will not leave!" Malia shouted.

"Malia, what are we going to do then? Sit here and wait for someone to find us? You go right ahead and do that while I go and see if I can get to Saint Marcos!" Ramun shouts.

"I hate you, Ramun!" shouts Malia, who storms off into the brush.

The next morning, Ramun began to hual the canoe down to the beach. He was just about to launch it when Malia came running down the trail.

"Ramun, please don't go! I love you! Please don't go! PLEASE!" said Malia as she fell to the ground weeping. Ramun continued to pull the canoe into the water.

"Good Bye, Malia." Ramun said as he jumped into the canoe. When Ramun was 20 feet from shore, he crashed against some rocks. The canoe splinted into a million tiny pieces. Ramun was thrown into the water and Malia rushed out to help him. When they were safely on shore, Malia hugged Ramun and cried.

"Ramun, are you all right? You could have been killed!" Malia asked.

"Maila, I'm allright except for being a bit sore. I'm going to stay here because it is not worth the trouble of getting out in the water and risking all of those rocks. They are so sharp!" Ramun said with a grunt. As Ramun recovered, Malia made a bigger house with a straw mattress filled with feathers. One day, when Malia woke up, she saw that Ramun was missing. She walked around and found him making a necklace of shells and rocks just for her. As they heard the rustling of the palms, they decided to stay on Palm Island forever.

10 years later

Malia and Ramun were walking through the grove of palm trees that lined the beach. They were walking hand-in-hand and watching their kids, Rantou and Marshala, frolick in the water. Maila stopped and said to Ramun,

"Aren't you glad that we stayed? I certainly am. It's beautiful here with you and the children."

"Malia, I am very glad we stayed. I am glad because now I can spend time with you, Rantou, and Marshala." Ramun said. As they stopped to watch the sunset, a white stork flew overhead.


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