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I have never thought that such a simple decision could change my life, just like that. And it was all because of an offer of one night...

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Title: The Offer first inspiration by amira (5 Pure Science)

Walking briskly along the road passing the well- built Centurial Bank that day, I couldn't help feeling anything but lucky. I just came back from the bank and found out that Charlotte and Gavyn, my used- to- be best friend and my ex- loving boyfriend had emptied my account; obviously stealing all my savings. What a fool I am! I blamed myself. Charlotte must have gotten the private account number from my purse when I accidentally asked her to rummage through it, in search of my lip balm. It was the day when she suddenly betrayed our long and intimate friendship relation. Mother was right. We couldn't even trust our closest friend in the long run.
It was plain clear I cannot handle the excruciating pain they had bore deep in the bottom of my heart. I could barely make each step at all! How could they done this to me, after all those years? Ugh! I stopped walking and took a deep breath, inhaling every molecule of air that passed through my nostrils. At the same time, I stared into the empty space, unaware of the hustle and bustle of the busy New York City. I was obviously in major trouble. I knew I am going to be out of money supplement for the next six months. After all, I have used up all my scholarship money I received after getting good grades in my SPM* examination in the past 3 years.
I soon found a wooden bench to sit on. I let out a heavy sigh as I sat on the dry bench. I glanced at my watch. 5.30 p.m. I've missed my class again! The sun was setting its lovely painted golden ray down at the horizon. It was such a pity I could not enjoy the breathtaking view. Being buried deep in my thoughts, I was figuring out how to escape from this miserable and unfinished business and bad luck that befell on me all of a sudden.
I opened my eyes to almost pitch- black darkness. Only the street lamps gave out their pale illuminating yellow lights. The city was not as busy as the days now. Gosh! I had fallen asleep on the bench. I was straightening my sore back when suddenly, I was seized by the shoulder.
"Ahhh!" I shouted, taken aback by the sight of a hand on my weak and limp shoulders. I looked up to meet the stare of a pair of eyes, setting its sight on my bewildered face.
"You need help, lady?" the owner of the pair of twinkling eyes spoken.
"Who are you?" I blurted out. My eyes tried their best to absorb more light by squinting at him and making out his handsome face from the night vision.
That was how a new chapter began in my life. His name is Jason, he explained. He was a…(well, I was still in the exhausted and dumbfounded state that I forgot what exactly did he tell me). I only absorb one vital information though.
"I can offer you the right help, if you want" he proposed, handing me a piece of card. I took it without hesitating; the word help had played its magic trick in my ears. That was all I could do for the meantime. Then he left, leaving me with a blank expression shown clearly on my face.
Back in the two- room apartment (which I used to share with the damn traitors), I slumped hard on the couch and turned on the television with its bright blaring screen. I was too tired to change my worn- out attire. Once again I fell asleep. The next day, I woke up upon hearing a woman talking non- stop with a high- pitched voice. I felt like slapping her face when I realized it was only a female reporter, reporting the latest news of people demonstrating in peace in front of the White House, amidst the roaring madness of the increasing crowd. I got up reluctantly and turned off the television immediately before I washed my pale face in the bathroom sink. Facing the half- broken mirror, I recalled the previous night conversation, digging out tiny bits of details from my memory box. As I glanced at the mystery card I had taken out from my handbag, I beamed to myself, This is my only chance.
Out of despair and distress, I dialled the number printed in bold red and accepted the job without further consideration. Seriously, with all the stacking financial debts to be paid, my delayed university fees and not to mention my life expenses and apartment rent, what chance do I have in living in this sprouting city? Out of the limited range of 1 to 10, I say it was positioned below the rank, under 1, perhaps 0.5.
* * *
"Delilah" a deep male voice startled me from my imagination. All the past memories shattered into pieces. I turned my head slightly only to meet with a passionate kiss on my left cheek. So warm and fuzzy, I thought. A tingling feeling shot at my nerves as I set my hazel eyes on Jason. He stared back at me.
"Honey, it is time" he uttered in delight much to my dismay. He held my hands softly in a grasp by his masculine arms and made our way to the changing room. For there, dangling from a hanger was a piece of red silky material, so smooth and frilly, probably costing around 10 000 dollars.
In just less than 10 minutes, I went out of the changing room. The dress fitted me perfectly; I have the right body curves after all.
"Isn't it beautiful, darling?" he asked while inspecting me meticulously. I just stared at him blankly. I knew what will come out of his mouth shortly after that. I always do.
"He is in room 13. His name is Raymond Lee, a 40 year- old Chinese businessman who had just arrived from Beijing. Now go and behave like a 'good' girl" he spoke flatly, grinning his toothy smile that used to captivate me 10 years back.
Neither do I feel excited nor sad upon hearing the deadly sentence. I walked away to get to room 13. I simply wanted to get my dirty work done as fast as I could and get that high payment from who? …Ray…whatever his name was. Anyway, I am pretty sure I will get hold of at least 5000 dollars by the end of the chastising shift.
Until now, it is still hard to believe how I have transformed from an all- A grades student to a heartless prostitute in just a blink of an eye. Sometimes, I would let my thoughts ponder about the facts that I am now living in an huge mansion in Las Vegas City, serving numerous and different kinds of clients. Luxury and money seemed just an inch from my fingertips, waiting for me to grab it with elegance but of an eagerness of a hungry tigress, pouncing on a scrumptious meal without mercy.
And to this day, I wonder if I did the right thing in accepting the offer.
*Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, the major exam I will sit at the end of November.
((This short story was extracted from my own English essay. *amira*)


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