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Tags: Stress, Sad, Teen, Memory

I love you. Wait what is your name? Wait what's mine? . .. . . . . .

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My life is full of stress and pain. My parents are great to me unlike those other parents who pressure their child to be the best. I feel utmost sad and pain, and stress. I thought if I was pressured as the others would I do better? I felt so guilty for doing so bad in school. I try to study but nothing works. Am I a burdun to my parents? What happens when I become 18 and move forward to college and advance to adulthood? Will I be able to handle things like everyone? Great my head hurts again . AHHHHHH !!!!! I feel like suicide but I know that will leave a heavier burdun to everyone. My parents took many hardships, and pain to raise me. If I suicide now, I can't repay them back by taking care of them. But do I have the abilty to even do that? I'm just a regular stupid high school girl who is currently a sophomore and is still in Geometry. While my YOUNGER cousin is in Algebra 2 which is a LEVEL HIGHER THAN ME . My family encourage me just to do my best but I still see there pain and sadness that why is their daughter stupid. I feel as if I can't remember anything. I was about to do this and in a spilt of second I forgot. I remember that I was suppose to do something but I still don't remember what it was. I hate myself for that. I hate myslef . My parents deserved a better child then such trash like me. I love them too much but I can't offer back anything. I'm so useless. As the days go by I found the love of my life. He was smart or people would say average but to me he is smart. We love each other but school was the biggest problem. We both stress abouit school and hugged each other to jump down an abyss dark hole where there is no way out or escape. I start to forget everything . I forgot his name. My love. I forgot your name. I'm sorry but I remembered I loved someone but who. What's his name? Wait what's my name? Who are you ? What is mom and dad ? What is a sister? I'm scared . Wait what is this feeling? What's going on? BAM! BEEEP BEEP BEEEP BEEp ( Sorry Mr and Mrs but your daughter is died) ( She forgot everything including how to breathe.)


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