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Sesame Street Gone Bad

Short story By: BekahBoo
Young adult

A silly story my brother wrote, which he gave me permission to put up.
It's really silly, but also kind of clever.
Enjoy it! : )

Submitted:Jun 13, 2008    Reads: 471    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Grover stared up at the long, black cord that spanned the open-air market of Sesame Street.

"Go ahead," Elmo coaxed, "touch it with this metal pole! It'll be fun!"

"I dunno, Elmo," Grover hesitantly said, "it seems dangerous to me. I heard that millions of volts go into those power lines. Isn't that deadly?"

Elmo sighed indignantly and said, "Grover, Grover, Grover. Would I ever ask you to do something that might hurt you? Let me ask you this: Would one Muppet lie to another?"

Only if his mouth was moving, Grover thought sullenly. He looked up at the power line again. If he backed out now, he would never live it down. He had to try poking the power line with the metal pole.

"Give it here, Elmo."

Cautiously, Grover held up the pole. He took a few seconds to steel his nerves, and then touched the power line. Seconds passed; nothing happened. Huh, Grover thought. I wonder what was supposed…

Suddenly, Elmo took out an AK-47 and shot Grover in the foot!

"Ow! Goshdangit, Elmo!" Grover shouted furiously. Elmo ran off into the street, laughing maniacally.

"How could I trust him?" Grover thought to himself angrily. "Ever since Mr. Cooper died, Elmo has been causing everyone lots of trouble. I guess the old man's death hit him pretty hard."

Then, without warning, a wrecking ball swooped down and caught Grover on the side. He was thrown against the curb, and stared up into the cab of the wrecking ball dozer. It was Elmo!

"Ha ha ha, you fool!" Elmo cackled. "Mr. Cooper was no ordinary man; he was a bishop! You see, I am no ordinary Muppet either; I am an accursed undead Muppet! Mr. Cooper stumbled across my angry spirit one day, and trapped me in a holy talisman. He then placed the mind of a docile child in my head. Now that Mr. Cooper is gone, his power wanes, and I am FREE! Free to terrorize the world!"

And with that, Elmo disappeared, never to be seen on Sesame Street again.

Moral: A Muppet's evil knows no bounds. They are capable of all forms of treachery. Always be watchful for their demonic side to emerge.


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