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Relics is a short story that gives you a look at a world where everything that we invest our emotions into soaks up those emotions and may start emitting those same emotions down the line.

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Charles Lee McCabe
Long/Short Media

Welcome to the world of "What If…?" We hope you enjoy your stay. Have you ever had an object that just seemed to make everything better? Maybe nothing ever seemed to go right when you were wearing a certain necklace. Maybe you even had a lucky coin. Maybe.
Maybe there really was something to those objects that really did affect your life. Maybe each one of those objects carried with it a certain emotional atmosphere. What if each of those objects had their own story, and they carried the emotions of their stories with them? What if your day was actually being affected by the emotions felt by a child five, ten, or even fifty years ago? Ridiculous? Maybe. Then again, maybe not.
Let's say that you had two sisters that lived in the 1950's. One of those sisters finds a smooth river rock that fits into the palm of her hand. She uses this rock as a hope stone and puts as much positive emotion into this rock as she can. Is it so hard to believe that eventually this stone would contain so much positive emotion that it begins to radiate the same?
Let's take a look at the other sister. Maybe she has a few bad experiences and she no longer has an innocent view of the world, but neither does she have a way to deal with the anger, pain, and frustration that she feels. Maybe she starts to focus all of her negativity into her favorite necklace. It's just a simple thing that she rubs when she is angry, or when she feels cheated. The necklace may have even been a gift from a recently departed family member. Even something that starts out giving comfort can turn on a person if the person in question uses it as an outlet for pain.
So, we have these two sisters and they each have an object that they put two very different types of emotion into. They don't even realize what they are doing, because how many people spend time thinking about their own emotional states of mind? Over the years, both young women put away their items, and they go from being well loved items and turn into relics of childhood. But childhood can last longer for some people than others. Maybe the hope stone received a few etchings here and there along the course of its time with the young girl. Maybe the necklace falls behind the dresser one day and is forgotten. Maybe over time both women forget all about these relics.
Moving day arrives and the small family that these two women are a part of goes their separate ways. It happens all the time. Maybe it was a rushed move and things got left behind. Maybe two of the things that were left behind happen to be a certain stone and necklace. Years pass, as they always due, and the house remains empty until a young couple moves in. The new tenants may spend their first few hours in the new house going through what was left behind. Maybe they are looking for anything that could be useful. Maybe they are just curious about the previous occupants. They come across an old sketched up stone and an old cheap necklace. They think that these may not be things that they want, but maybe there are others out there that may have use for them. So a small box of relics gets donated to a local flea market, and no one thinks twice about it.
So we now have these two relics sitting on a makeshift table, being glanced at and passed over by people browsing out of boredom, if nothing else. Eventually, each item gets picked up and sold to different people. Maybe the hope stone is picked up as a gift for a girlfriend and the necklace as a gift for a niece's birthday. The gifts are then exchanged. The girlfriend loves the idea of a hope stone, so she puts it in her purse and it shifts down to the bottom, as a small rock is likely to. The niece likes the look of the old necklace and puts it with her collection. All is well. Or is it?
Maybe the girlfriend starts to feel really good even when things are going bad for her. Sounds like a good time, right? Maybe not. What if this increase in positive vibes gives the woman a majorly inflated sense of self? What is this sense of self spreads and feeds on some latent psychological disorder? What if because she was exposed to so much positive stimuli, she ended up destroying her entire life because she could never find anything that "lived up" to her standards? A simple positively charged hope stone would then be the catalyst for the destruction of her life, as well as the lives of everyone that depended on her.
Now, the niece that had been given the negatively charged necklace starts wearing the necklace because she is into retro jewelry and clothing. She starts to doubt herself whenever she wears this necklace and she finds herself double checking all of her work because it never seems right. This goes on for years and almost grows into an obsessive disorder until she gets a job at a top accounting firm. One day she is going over the numbers on one of their top accounts when she finds a major inconsistency. It would appear that one of the head executives had embezzled large sums of money in a personal quest to find something up to her personal standards. Because of the doubt spread by one negatively charged necklace, this woman earns a major promotion due to the constant checking and rechecking of her work.
So remember, that little object that you keep in your pocket for luck could be soaking up some of your emotional output, and you never know who could be affected by it in the future. Be careful.



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