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Girls At War (Lady Elizabeth's challenge) Part I

Short story By: cherub666
Young adult

Miranda and Melody were best friends ever since Kindergarten. But what happens when they both like the same guy? Will their friendship survive or will they end up as enemies? Read to find out.

This is for Lady Elizabeth's Challenge.
My words were-
Smile (Action)

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Girls At War-
Part I

Miranda's Point of View-

"Hey Melody!" I exclaimed. I was ridiculously happy today. Not even the 'B' in my science project could dampen my spirits, I was that happy.
"Hey Miranda! I have something to tell you." She replied.
Wow that was exactly what I had wanted to say.
"Me too!" I half shouted.
"Okay! But me first. Mine is important!"
This was freaky! It was as if she were reading my mind!
"Mine too!" I shouted.
"Mine is about a boy!" She said. Her expression a little smug. Boy news was the most important news for us!
I froze. A boy? Darn I wasn't the only one!
"Mine is about a boy too!" I squealed!
"I have a crush on Nick!" We both screamed. Heads turned people were looking at us as if we were freaks. Freaky it was as if we were playing the mirror game we used to as kids.
"Nick!! No way!!" We both shouted together again. Now people were staring, some were laughing but I didn't care! How could this happen? Out of all the guys in our school Mel had to fall for Nick?
"Shit you can't be into Nick!" I said.
Darn! I liked Nick. There was no way I was letting Mel snatch Nick from me!
"Miranda! Stay off Nick. I like him Okay? Couldn't you do that for a friend?" She said. her expression serious. Oh oh Melody was never usually serious. This had to be important to her! But hey it was important for me too!
"Mel I like him too! Why don't you back off? Go find another jock to hook up with!"
"Hook up? What do you think I am? Listen girl I like him and will get him so go deal with it!"
"In your dreams!" I retorted. She always got her way. But not this time. I was not allowing it!
"We both glared at each other. She was giving me the, You-better-not-mess-with-me look and I was giving her my best death glare at least I hoped I was!

This felt weird. Fighting with Melody wasn't something I did everyday! Melody had been my best friend since Kindergarten. We were close friends even when I didn't know how to pronounce friends! How could we fight over a stupid guy? There was no way I was letting Nick ruin our friendship! Melody meant more to me than Nick!

"Hey!" I started softening my expression a little "what are we doing?"
"Yeah we are best friends!" She replied.
"And besties don't fight over a stupid guy!" I completed her sentence.
"Yeah! You were there for me even when I made a total fool out of myself in front of the whole school!" She said.
"And you were there for me when Jake dumped me!"
"Aw…" she said. "We don't need to fight over a guy who has sexy Abs that any girl would want to lick!"
I giggled. He did have the sexiest Abs. But Melody mattered more to me than a guy with sexy Abs!

"Hey girls! What's up?"
I turned and felt Melody freeze next to me. I saw a familiar face. One I've been fantasizing about kissing. Oh My God! It was Nick!
"Hey!' we both squeaked looking at each other uncomfortably with the control yourself looks.
"Nick! Here!" Shouted someone from behind. I thanked my stars. He was going! But deep down I was disappointed that he was leaving.

"Sorry ladies have to go. See you around!" He flashed his gorgeous smile at us. I felt my knees go week
"And a guy who has a gorgeous smile!" I continued.
"Miranda we need to make a pact!"
"Uh Huh!" I agreed.
The last time we made a pact five years back. It was about not biting our nails. We never broke our pacts. It was considered a sin!
"Neither of us will date nor flirt with Nick!" She stated. Her expression serious again.
We spat on our hands and shook them. The pact was sealed.

Author's Note- Hey people! This is for a challenge! It would really help me if you could read this and give a DETAILED comment! Please! Honest Feedback is always welcome! Criticism is grand too! Just make sure your comment is DETAILED! And if you by any chance like this then please click on the 'I like it' box!
This is only part one. Part two will be out soon.
I need comments for this! Please do comment!


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