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The Heart That Lies Within The Broken Soul

Short story By: ClayPlusTaylor
Young adult

He was loved, but lost; broken, but not beaten; worshipped; but mistaken; a lover, but a cheater

Submitted:Jun 29, 2012    Reads: 68    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

How dare you...

I took care of you when you were sick; there when you needed me; and loved you no matter the circumstances. I fought your battles even when you screamed at me for being in it. I took the bullying and rumors; for you. I let go of true friends; just to keep you smiling.

Is this what I deserve? To be thrown away; like trash, to be forgetten; and lost, to be broken-hearted. I would wait for you night after night, and you never came. Of course, you would show up...but leave. You would remind me you loved me...but never show it. You would never touch me...but be all over her!

Yes, I know now. She is, well, was my best friend. I got a black eye for her, lost all my life for HER! How could you two do this to me?! Sure, it was a mistake..you say. But, let me tell you...it is not a mistake to sleep with someone else. It's not a mistake to love someone else. I would have been heart broken if you had left me for someone else, but to play me like this? To use me for your own personal game? Now, that just isn't fair; at all.

I love you; even after all this. I might never move on; but you...you seem to move on just fine. I will leave. I will go someplace where you won't have to look at me anywhere; even at our house. I will get a better job; that way I can live alone and not have to worry about if I have enough money for the bills or not.

I can't believe I am saying this; but thank you. Thank you for that time that used to be; when you loved me. Thank you for teaching me this lesson; that not every man should be trusted. And may the Lord help get me through this, and find someone new...someone who doesn't need mental care because he cannot decide who to be with. And thank you for most of all; making me realize what a fool I was to even marry someone like you. Goodbye, and tell her I said goodbye too(:


Hello everyone!(: I am Taylor, the author of this story. I hope you liked it!(: Anyways, look below this text for an morale, one that I think everyone should read. Thanks(:

To all cheaters, or ones who are thinking about cheating. Do you realize how wrong it is to cheat? It not only hurts your partner very badly, it hurts your reputation. I hope you also know; cheating isn't a game that is meant for you to get more "chicks" or "guys". It is meant for the idiots who cannot get themselves together. It is for those who's brains cannot function properly. Most care, and that is why they tell their partner. But for those reading, who just don't care...well, you are heading straight to hell. Cheating is adultery, which is a sin. Adultery is also a crime, and your partner can sue you. So, you be careful what you do. And screw your heads on. Thank you.


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