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i wrote this for emo hearts challenge
using the line "I'll miss you..."
a girl in the middle of a clearing full of crimson flowers

Submitted:Feb 11, 2009    Reads: 155    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

I stand in the middle of a clearing surrounded by crimson flowers. Everything is kind of hazy and lit up by a beautiful bright light. I can't see the edges of the clearing only white light and crimson flowers but it's ok I'm not interested in anything but what is in the clearing. It's a beautiful but desolate scene which suits my mood perfectly. I call out to him but he keeps walking away from me not even looking back. The tears start to pour down my face as I stand there undecided as to whether I should run after him or let him go. "Please" I sob loudly "I need you....I can't live all alone."
He stops and looks back at me, I can see tears shining in his eyes as he looks at me sadly. I start to run towards him not caring about the consequences just wanting to be with him. As I get closer the tears in his eyes start to pour down his face dripping onto his chest. I let out another sob and throw my arms around him hugging him as tight as I can because in my heart I know that it will be the last one I ever get. Our tears mingle together drenching our tops.
I look up at him pleading with my eyes not to leave, to just stay with me. Weir meant to be together this isn't fair. I try to tell him without words that we can make it if we just have faith. At my look his eyes darken with grief turning black. He slowly shakes his head in response to my look. "I can't," he whispers "I'm sorry."
I can't believe that this is happening we were so happy together, we are soul mates but because of cruel circumstances we can't be together. "I'll go with you!" I cry. At my words his face gets even sadder. He pulls himself out of my arms and starts to back away from me. "It's not your time yet, you have to live." He says this to me and starts to walk away from me. I try to run after him but I can't move it's like I'm frozen to the spot, held down by a giant hands.
"No" I cry as loud as I can. "No...." but it comes out as a whisper barely heard at all. He slowly starts to fade from sight the white light seeming to swallow him up, taking him from me. Just before he is out of my sight he stops and looks back towards me. He raises his hands and blows me a kiss and i can just hear his voice like a whisper on the wind. "I'll always love you." And then he leaves, leaving me all alone in the desolate clearing.
I fall to the ground sobs wracking my body as a feeling of loneliness enters me. The light starts getting brighter and the last thing i utter before the light envelops me is "I'll miss you..."
"Weir loosing them"
"NO weir not..........Clear"
Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
"We have a heartbeat"
"What about her boyfriend"
As I drift in and out of consciousness everything around me is a jumbled mess but at these words and the sad shake of their head I let out a sob and let the blackness envelop me as the ambulance races towards the hospital.


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