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AN African American high school boy in the(12th)grade takes care of a baby all by himself because the mother of his child is living a wild and care-free lifestyle and she not trying to help him with the responsibilities with taking care of their child. Now he gets busy chasing behind his baby mother and her drama just to try to create this perfect relationship image for the two but she really don't want him and to add on to the story he has to get a job to support his child. O yea he might not be graduating either cause he to far behind on his school work. last but not the lest of it all he been getting into fights cause of the hood he's from and he's jealousy so with all that being said the boy has to find a way to over-come all the drama and finish school.

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Life is crazy! Right, have you ever wonder sometime, ok when your in love especially young still in your teens as a boy right! Its hard letting go a girl that means the world to you, I mean like you'll do anything for this girl but she fooling around on you with other guys and you just don't know why she doing this to you even though you trying your best to make her happy. Even if you trying your best to make things work between the two. Another bad part about this is you two have a baby but that doesn't matter to her becuase she'e living young,wild,and free. Or how about since your so suck on this one girl you start losing focus on your school work and might not be graduating from high school. Getting into fights because of where you live, who u hung out with, and the girl you so call go with. The list goes on and on I mean right before you graduate. O yea and now since you have a kid somebody has to support it and that somebody is you.

But let me start from the begging and tell you how everything all went down I mean how it got to that point!!

An African American boy name Dashawn Smith in 12th grade but everybody call him (kool) was by his girlfriend locker in the middle of the day giveing her this bogus reason why they have to break up after only dating for 3 weeks and last night hook up. Well in the middle of his breaking up conversation she start crying, yelling and cursing at him out of no where cause her feeling are confused i guess.Seem like she was really in love with (Kool). She thought he was the one for her but Little did she know (flashback) Kool and his cousin Jay had made an oath back in the day. They were never going to fall in love with a girl and plus only date girls for 3 weeks lol Dont ask it was a player thing. Kool headed to the lunch room to meet up with Jay and the crew. See in crew you have D-money, Bj, P-time, Tony, Shaba, Cj, Lil B we all set at a table and start talking about sports, cars, cloths, and how many females they been with lately. Out of nowhere a boy from another crew from uptown walk pass their table and mumble a nasty smart comment up under his breath but loud of enough for D-money to hear what he said. So he stands up and starts walking towards the boy. As he's walking he yells out to the boy "Aye what you said"? So the boy kept walking. D-money yells it out a second time and the boy turns around and replies back "I will catch yawl slipping" which means he wants to fight for what reason I don't know but better believe me and my crew is never the one to back down to a fight. Some girl the boy knew had got in between the two so they wouldn't fight and plus both crew had come by that time. A brawl almost broke out but the teacher came just in time. I went off to class and i had seen this girl name jess a lot in school because she was in class with a girl that i knew who liked me at the time. Jess was in the 11th grade at the time, so i used to write notes to the girl Neri and get out of class to walk to the girl Neri class to give her the notes and Jess would see outside their class so she would come to the door and get my notes to give to Neri. Well, one day it was a rumor going around that some chick name Ashley liked me and i kind of knew it.


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