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To Be Decided (Ideas Welcome)

Short story By: EliseMarieRenspera
Young adult

Rhyan is a normal girl-- captain of the cheer squad, prettiest girl in school, and straight-A student to boot. But she's hiding a secret that no one can ever know; the survival of her species depends on it. If she lets the secret slip... well... the Pack could suffer for it.

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I almost felt bad for having to kill the poor, innocent deer in front of me. But the scent was just too powerful to resist. I looked down at my paws and made a small claw mark in the shape of an 'R' in the rain-softened soil. Now or never, I thought. I silently stalked forward, being careful not to let my long tail brush the tree trunks. The deer stood, unaware of the impending danger. I'm sorry, I thought. I'm sorry I have to kill you. I'm sorry I'm such a freak. Then I jumped. The placid animal went down without a fight, for which I was grateful. Even being half-wolf didn't make me comfortable around a ton of blood. That's why my father and other, larger members of the pack usually hunted down the big game, like mountain lions and such. Father's the Alpha.

Don't get me wrong, life as a werewolf has its perks. Amazing speed, incredible strength, and the size! We're about twice the size of a normal wolf. Hikers that see us usually think we're some kind of freakishly large bear. We're more dangerous than that. Bears are softer than little rabbits to us.

I dragged the dead doe back to the camp, hoping it didn't have a fawn somewhere that I hadn't seen. As I came to the creek surrounding the sunny, sweet-smelling clearing we called home, I couldn't help but notice that the river came up to my shoulders-- that's deeper than it had ever been. Weird, I thought, but I trudged on and pulled the deer over the dirt levi and set it down in the middle of camp. My mother was sitting under the shade of the largest tree in the forest, which happened to sit in the center of the clearing. Her nut-brown fur had soft golden and white highlights in it that shone in the sun, making her look like some beautiful statue of an oversized wolf. The white underside of her chin and belly were pristine-- everyone was looking their best today. And for good reason, too. We were supposed to have a new member of the family once everyone had morphed back into their human forms. Woohoo, new baby sibling for me. So excited. Not. My father, his fur a dark brown with some reddish hints in it, stood protectively next to my mother.

A single bark erupted out of my father's throat, and I heard the shuffling of paws from all different directions in the forest. Other members of the pack filtered in through the trees, most dragging big game in their huge jaws. Blaire, my sister, and her mate Steven were co-carrying a huge bear. That would feed a few for a while. I trotted slowly over to her and helped them, because Blaire had always been smaller and not as strong. That's why Steven, who was the second-command of the pack, was the perfect match for my younger sister. Her blue eyes stared into mine as I took up her end and nudged her towards Mom and Dad. She nodded in thanks and padded over to them.

"Rhyan!" A voice sounded behind me, and I turned to see Drew, the fixation of my dreams. He was smiling at me, his russet-brown fur matching the exact color of his eyes.

"Hey, Drew," I said casually, trying to keep my cool.

"I heard today's the big day," he laughed, the beautiful sound echoing through my hears like music.

"Yep, sure is," I replied. "Woohoo, new baby sibling. I just hope it's not another girl. Blaire was enough."

"But at least she's got Steven," he woofed. "So she's got someone to keep her away."

"Yeah..." I started staring off into space again, as I was prone to do most of the time when around Drew.

"Well, I have to go morph now. See you at the ceremony, Rhyan," Drew smiled, loping off into the trees. He came back in a few minutes, his reddish-brown hair catching the sun and his uncovered abs glistening with sweat from hunting. Oooh turn your mind from Drew. No Drew, no Drew. I followed suit, walking into he trees on the opposite side of the clearing. I put a tank top and cut-off shorts on, running back into the clearing. Once I got back, most of the others were human again. I loped over to Farrah, my best friend since we were little kids.

"Hey, can I borrow a ponytail?" I asked quietly as my Mom and Dad stood in front of everyone, calling for silence as Dad prepared to speak. Farrah nodded and handed me a little purple one, my favorite color. I smiled at her and pulled my hair up into a ponytail, the long fountain of black falling down my deeply tanned back.

"All right, everyone. As you all know, today's important because my mate, Sariah, is going to bring another addition to the pack into the world." He paused, and most of the members of the pack clapped. Drew came and stood next to me, and immediately I blushed. His warm arm was pressing up against mine, giving me goosebumps everywhere else. Farrah looked over at me and caught my eye, raising her gorgeously shaped eyebrow and making googlie-eyes.

"Not funny," I hissed under my breath. Farrah laughed, feigning coughing.

"After this meeting is over, I'll leave the command to Steven while my family and I go down to the hospital for the birth. I trust you'll all behave. Dismissed." Father stepped down from the log he was standing on and beckoned to Blaire and I. We detached ourselves from the crowd and followed him out the entrance. My Mercedes Benz Stirling Moss was glittering in the sun, right behind Blaire's Porsche and my parents' Bugatti Veyron. I shivered with pride as Blaire and I slid in my car and rolled the top down. Farrah waved goodbye from the clearing entrance as we hit the gas, flying forward towards the hospital in Seattle. The all-smiles nurses in white scrubs directed us down a few hallways to a starch-white room with little splashes of pastel blues, pinks, and greens on the walls. Mom sat down on the bed, while Blair and Dad sat down in the uncomfortable chairs beside the bed. I paced back and forth until the doctor came in and asked my mom and dad to come with them. The doctor wheeled my mom's cot out the door and left Blaire and I alone. After about twenty minutes, a nurse came in and brought us trays of food, which we refused. We'd already eaten earlier.

The birth seemed to take forever. Eventually, they wheeled Mom in. She was carrying a little bundle, and I couldn't help but feel curious about the baby. I stood up from the chair I'd been sitting in and walked over to Mom.

"It's a boy," she whispered. "I'm naming him Corey."

"He's adorable," I murmured, running a hand over his tiny head. As much as I disliked the idea of a baby brother, he was adorable. Irresistible. I could already tell that Corey would be special-- there was something about him.


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