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Liz just got her first boyfriend, but when he starts abusing her she gets scared. So she tries to avoid him at all costs, until he catches her out late one night.

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*CHAPTER 1* "I can't believe your still a virgin Liz!", says Taylor, my bestfriend since 2nd grade. "I'm only 17, plenty of other senior girls are virgins!", I reply. She snorts, very unlady-like, "Yeah fucking right, only the ugly ones, and your the hottest chick in school." I guess she has a point. I'm a tanned, 5' 5", blonde, who has a perfect ass and pair of 34 D's, that's what I'm told. But Taylor is just as pretty, except where as my eyes are green, hers are a light brown. And she's 4in. taller than me with brown hair, and paler skin. She also is on her third boyfriend this school year. She has no problem putting out, so she constantly teases me about it. "Well who knows Taylor, maybe I'll end up a 40 year old virgin, with hundreds of cats, all because I won't give up my cherry!" She gives me the oddest look ever, so I ask, "What? Did I say something---" She cuts me off with a look. "Hottie at 3'o'clock! And he's either checking you out, or is a mad stalker who hunts down virgins!" "HaHa, very nice joke Tay!" But then the next words coming out of my mouth were, "What's he look like? Does he look old? Is he cute?!" Too late to act nonchalant about it, I think to myself. She startles me when she says, "No way Lizzy!" But before I can ask her "what?", a deep, sexy, hypnotic voice, from behind me says, "Hello, I'm Jared." I turn around in my seat, and politely introduce myself, while Taylor's staring at him, like she's ready to jump on him and shut this whole Mall down. But I couldn't blame her this time. I wasn't sure if I was in Heaven, or staring at a God! He was gorgeous, literally! Jared stood at 6'3", a blonde with hair a bit long, sharp ocean blue eyes, and toned, defined muscles. I realised I was staring, so I quickly turned back around to face Taylor. She quickly recovered herself by saying, "Hi, I'm Taylor, and your hot." She was flirting with him, in front of me! Fuck me! But he looks like he's more of her type anyway. Who the hell am I kidding?! I'm a bit disappointed, definately jealous. My reverie is quickly interrupted when I hear my name being called, "Elizabeth... HEELLLOOO!" "What?" I say to Taylor, a little to harshly, her eyes are holding some type of humour, but I don't know why. "Mr.Hottie here is trying to get your attention back.", she says, and I blush nervously. I didn't even notice him take the seat next to me, as Taylor decides to use the restroom. "I'm sorry, I was stuck in my head" I try to joke. "It's fine, so how old are you?", Jared says. "17, and yourself?" "Pheeew, you look like your 15, but I'm 19", he speaks with a bit of an accent, but I can't quite place it. So I ask, "Where are you from?". He says, "Georgia, I just moved to Illinois about a month ago to start college." "Cool!" I suck at conversing with boys. "Well, it looks like my brothers' are ready to go, do you think I can have your number?" He asks so sweetly, how could I refuse? I quickly read him my number, as he types it in his iphone, and when I'm done he gets up and smiles down at me. But when I think he's going to walk away, he says, "I'll be very disappointed if it's a fake." I laugh, and say, "Well, you can find out at around 8:00p.m!" He gives me a breathtakingly, beautiful smile that leaves me stunned, as he says "See ya.", and dissappear around the corner.


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