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The Dancer's Necklace

Short story By: GoddessCoca
Young adult

A woman is down and out about her life but is helped by a stranger.

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I was dancing on one of the suspended poles on the second floor of Club Pink, when I noticed a person sitting towards the back of the room. I stopped dancing long enough to move forward to a closer pole, and began dancing in front of them.
The person wasn't really paying any attention and on one turn, I happened to notice the person was a female. On another turn I noticed she had been drinking quite a lot as shown by all the glasses and bottles on her table. And on one last turn, I saw that she was crying. Now this made me stop dancing completely. I hopped down off the little platform with the pole and walked over to her table.
"Mind if I sit here?" I asked as I put a hand on the chair across from her. All she did was shake her head no, indicating that it was ok I sit there. "What's wrong sweetie?" I asked as I pulled the chair from the table and turned it around so I could sit on it cowboy style and cross my arms over the back of it.
She shook her head again and began speaking, "My life is complete shit, so I decided I'd go ahead and come spend a little time in hell." She began sobbing a little harder.
"Honey, this ain't hell. For one, it's too damn colorful and bright in here." I heard her giggle a little so I continued. "And for another thing, there are too many beautiful and happy men and women working here for it to be hell. I'm sure if this were hell they wouldn't be so freaking smiley and giggly all the time." She smiled some more and giggled again.
"Well, I suppose you are right about that, but that still doesn't change the fact that right now, my life is so full of shit that I don't even know what to do anymore. Other than drink and be alone all the time."
"Now love, that is where you are making it worse." She looked up me.
"Making it worse?" She questioned.
"Mmhm. If you are down, and feeling like you are worthless or whatever it may be, being alone is the worst thing you can do. I can understand drinking the pain away, but only for a little while. That won't work forever. It's a temporary fix. But by being alone, you are hurting yourself. You need to be surrounded by people or things you love, and things that make you happy. Especially at times in your life when you feel like you're saying you do."
She scooted her chair a little closer to mine. She had stopped crying and was listening to everything I was saying very closely. Her eyes never left me as I continued talking to this girl who I hadn't ever seen before. Ever.
"What exactly is it making you feel like you do, if you don't mind me asking." I couldn't help it. This girl was too beautiful to feel this down and out. And from just the looks of it, she needed someone she could talk to and just let it out. Whatever it was.
"Well, uhm, for starters my boyfriend of 7 years and I just recently broke up." She stopped and looked at me, I nodded and waited for her to continue. I didn't want to say anything until she was finished. "We broke up because I found out he had been cheating on me for the last 3 years with not just one girl, but with more than he could even remember." She started to tear up so I put a hand on her shoulder and rubbed it lightly showing the care and love I know this girl needed.
"I couldn't take it anymore. Not only was he cheating, but he would hit me, too. And," That's when I had to stop her.
"Hold on. You said he hit you?" She just nodded her head. "Girl, if a man hits you, this is what you do. First you yell that if he hits you again, you're going to call the police. If he runs and gets scared saying 'Naw, don't do that.' you know then that you commence to beating the hell out of him with anything and everything you can get your hands on. Now, if he says 'Go ahead, I'll even dial the number for you' you run like hell and get to nearest safe place, preferably a nice family oriented public place."
She began laughing at me. "You know, that's the first real laugh I have done in God only knows how long." She smiled and looked down at her hands folded in her lap. "Sometimes I wish that I had never met him."
"Honey there are lots of people we all meet that we wish would've never walked into our lives no matter how long they are there, but they come for a reason. And it is up to us to learn from everything and everyone that steps into our lives. If you don't take anything else from me tonight but a good dance, I would like you to take this one thing." I reached around behind my neck and unclasped the turquoise stoned necklace I had been wearing for many years. "Here. My great-grandmother gave me this and she told me that it would always make me happy no matter what because it would always remind me of the happy times of my life when I was a child and when I had her and that if I ever thought someone else needed the happiness brought by this that I should give it to them, and that I would know when it was time to part with it. And I want you to have it because I know that you need this more than I do now. I am getting too old to be doing all this, but I love dancing and I know it will keep me happy long enough."
I stood up and walked over behind the girl. I placed the turquoise stones around her neck and clasped the little hook. "There." I said and smiled as I walked back around her and sat back down, this time like a normal person would in the same chair but facing her. "I do believe that it is now in it's rightful place. And like my great-grandmother told me, when you feel it has served it's purpose to you, and you meet someone that needs it more, pass it on. But until that time, hold on to it dearly. There are wonderful magics in those stones that will work wonders for you if you only believe in it." And with that, I stood up, kissed the young girl on the forehead as my great-grandmother had done me and I hopped back up on the platform and gave her the best dance of my entire career.
20 Years Later
She walked into Club Pink and asked for a dancer she hadn't seen in years. She had wonderful news to tell her. The bartender she spoke to gave her an address and a number at which she could find the one she asked for.
She thanked the young man and took the piece of paper and drove off from the club. She arrived at a cemetary soon after. "This can't be right. This must be a joke he played on me to get me to return." But she pulled in under the sign that read Caddo Cemetary and parked her car near the gazebo with the big huge bulletin in it.
She got out of her car and walked over to the bulletin. She looked it over reading carefully the names and numbers. She found the one she wanted and began walking over to where the site was. She found the tombstone with the dancers name on it and she knelt down on her knees and paid her respects.
Before she got up she said aloud to the now deceased woman. "You helped me when I needed it most, and I just wanted to return to say thank you. Unfortunately, you have passed away and left this old, bad world behind. I have kept the necklace you gave me all these years, but I found the one person I know I was going to have to give it up to. And though that person isn't quite here yet I know you would be very proud and happy with my choice. That child is mine and my first with the best man I have ever met. I wanted to tell you that I am now married and happier than ever. And one last thing, that my little girl will be named after you."
The woman, crying, stood up and walked away back to her car where she got in and drove back home. That night she awoke to a sound. The sound of a womans humming. She got up from bed and walked down the hallway to the living room, where she almost fainted at the sight. There was the dancer she had met those years ago. She was sitting on her couch, humming an old Native American hymn.
"Oh my." The young woman said aloud.
The apparition of the dancer looked at her, smiled and spoke one last thing to her "I knew you'd find happiness. And yes, I love your choice. And I just wanted to come back one last time to tell you that your daughter is going to be the most wonderful and joyous person you will ever know." And with that the dancers apparition stood up, walked over to the woman, placed a ghostly hand on her baby bump, and kissed the woman one last time on her forehead before dissipating like smoke into nothing leaving the woman standing there with a smile and tears in her eyes.


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