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Parent's V/S Love

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Some times its very hard to take a decision, some thing like that happened to me when I had to choose one between my parents and my love but destiny didn\'t give me a chance to choose my love.


Some times its very hard to take a decision, some thing like that happened to me when I had to choose one between my parents and my love but destiny didn't give me a chance to choose my love.

I was 15 when I first met Jasmine. Our love was not like love at first sight or like we were attracted to each other. It took us 3 years to finally say “I Love you” to each other.

But that moment was the best moment of our life. In those 3 years we shared everything after we thought that we are good friends or more than just good friends. We fight every day and we cry every night after that fight.

Jasmine was the 2nd girl in my life whom I couldn’t see crying because the first one was my mom.

Our families were close and we had already made plans to get married as I would get a job and she will become a nurse. I never thought what my life would be without Jasmine because I knew that we are made for each other and no one was going to separate us.

We don’t have any exes who might wanted to spoil our relationship and we never had any enemies to ruin our life, but I didn’t know that one day my parents will ruin my life.

That was a perfect Saturday morning and I was going to spend it with Jasmine at her home just holding hands and watching a romantic flick.

When I went to Jasmine’s house, I found that my dad was already there and he was arguing on some thing with Jasmine’s dad. Soon that argument turned out like a big fight and I saw the last 15 year’s friendship and 10 years business partnership breaking in front of my eyes.

I looked around for Jasmine, she was standing in a corner and her eyes were wet, I saw my dad leaving Jasmine’s house and I took a step to meet Jasmine, but suddenly my dad grabbed me by my hand and dragged me away from Jasmine.

I didn’t say a word but just stared at her, I couldn’t forget her sad face and those pretty eyes filled with tears because of our parents.

When I got back in my house, my dad asked me not to see Jasmine any more. I thought its just his anger because of that business loss and misunderstanding between Jasmine’s dad and my dad but I was wrong he really wanted me not to see Jasmine any more. I came to know about this when next day he told me that we were moving to a new city.

My all dreams got shattered and I saw myself walking away from Jasmine with my parents. I thought to ask Jasmine about leaving our parents and house and run away to make our own sweet world and get married.

But I was just 18, I was still studying and we had made a big mistake in the past. Jasmine was pregnant. She hadn’t told about this to any one except me. So taking responsibility of Jasmine and our coming baby was something that I wasn’t ready at that time.

I thought to again talk to my dad about me and Jasmine getting married but he started abusing my love and her family. I went to Jasmine’s dad and he did same. He abused my dad called him a thief etc etc.

I came to know that for our parents money and their ego was bigger than the happiness of their kids. Now I thought that no matter what but I was going to take Jasmine with me and I was going to look for a job and take care of her.

Next day when I woke up I packed my bags and when I went outside I see that Jasmine’s parents were standing in the garden along with our neighbors and they were crying.

I went closer and I saw Jasmine on the ground, her half face was covered in blood and her wrist was slit by blade/knife. She was dead.

MY love was gone, I felt my heart stopped beating but I wasn’t dead cause I could still hear the cries of Jasmine’s parents and my parents too. All the fight was over. Jasmine’s little sister handed me a letter written by Jasmine.

Jasmine had written that she couldn’t see our families breaking and me getting away from her.

I had lost my love, my baby. Our parents had killed my love and I was not going to forgive them. But how can I leave them too they are my parents they have raised me, fulfilled my wishes and my mom she brought me in this world.

I decided to stay with them without getting married to any other girl and just loving and living with her memories. After attending the funeral of my love I never looked in my parents eyes, I lived with them but never talked to them. I wanted to realize them that their son is dead too and that was their punishment for killing my love.

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