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I want you back my love (part 2)

Short story By: jacky franco
Young adult

Rosetta is 17 year old girl who is few months away soon to be queen. she has been sneaking out a few years later after her mother died. She have been meeting a mystery guy. They both agreed to disguise themselves wearing a mask like Zorro's and a black robe likes red riding hood's. So they could know each other from the inside instead of the looks. That worked now they are MADLY in love. But soon when it's time to know each others name will she still love him or pretend nothing happen between them? Something happens unexpected will she tell him or leave it as it is?

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A Few Months Later

Dear Leo Strance,

I'm writting this letter to you that might not be sent to you.

It's been short amounts of months passed but it felt like decades

not seeing you. I'm sorry for leaving you alone in the woods. I'm sorry.

I miss you. There is something I need to tell you. You are.....

"Rosetta." I jumped off my chair took the latter folded it and hide it in my jewlery box. I turned around to face my nanny/second mother who scared.

"Don't you knock." I asked her angry at her for scaring me.

"Don't you put that tone on me yoing lady. Not because the King is making you that horrible thing you say. Doesn't mean you have to throw your anger towards me." she said not raising her voice. I nodded My father made a decision with my permission that is going to be in my future life. I will not forgive and talk to him ever again. I am now 18 and that exact day my father corwned me queen.

I started to tear up. She came and hugged me tight and patted me on the back.

"Go eat something. Take a good rest for tomorrow. I have to to do something important." I dried my tears. I started going to the kitchen and left my nanny in my room by herself. I wonder what is so important.

I sneaked in the kitchen where all the sercvants who work eat. I didn't want to disturbe my father who is talking to some people I don't want to see before tomorrow. I sat down the wood chair and scotted under the table. A servant brought me my plate. I started eating. As I was eating I hear someone going opening the back door of the kitchen. I turned around to find out is was my nanny/mom leaving. I was about to aske her where was she going but I was to late she already left. I shrugged my shoulders.

When I finished I went upstairs to my room. I waited for my nanny to come but she didn't so I changed into my night-gown. I fell to a stressful sleep. I hope I can escape tomorrow,

The Next Day

"Dry up does tears. Your going to look red and sad."

"That's what I'm trying to go for." She gave me a napking to dry my tears. I slipped in the white with red dress. I looked in the mirror to see that it was a beatiful dress and I love it. To bad it's going to be a horrible day for me.

"Be a strong girl of whatever happens today." she sighed happily. I rolled my eyes at her. Then she gave me a bouquet of white roses. I picked up front of the dress so I could walk downstairs. While she picked it up the back.

When I got there my father, the king, was waiting for me. He was standing at the door of the coach smiling big at me. He helped me to get on the coach and he and my nanny got it. We headed to church where all the folks of the town will be waitng for me. Everyone cheered and yelled, "Queen Rosetta!"

The king got down and reach out his hand and I took it to get down carefully still holding the front of the dress. I saw a long and wide red carpet going in the church. My stomach started making flips. I felt sick. My nanny gave me a long tight and went inside before me so she could take her seat in the first row.

The music started playing. I grabbed my father's arm and started walking to the beat of the music, slowly.I look at my dad and he looks at me. I turn away right awaywhen he turned look at me. I just can't look at him as a father no more for doing this to me. He knows to well that I told him everytime I didn't want to marry some random guy he choosed to so I could get married.

We got to the high altar. He let go off me and gave my hand to the guy I'm going to marry. He was o.k, he was muscular, had light brown hair, and some amber eyes. We both took some steps up the altar and copied every words the pastor said.

"I do." he said. The pastor now looked at me. I look around see hundreds pairs of eyes looking at me. Then I look at him. I opened my mouth to say 'I do' but then someone came running and yelling stop.

"Rosetta, NO!" Leo yelled. Everyone gasped and turned to face my prince. My father asked who he was," I'm yours daughter's love. I'm Leo Strance." My father gasped in horror anddemanded the soldiers to kill him. I threw the flowers to the floor not caring they will be brokenand ran to him as fast I can. My father was in shock when I went to kiss Leo on the lips. He looked like he was going to die.

"Rosetta Ramos, don't you know who is this is?" He shouted. I answered him not taking my eyes off Leo,"Yes he is the one that I love." Leo took my hand and we both started running. The soldiers were chasing us but they stoped and let us go. Leo and I ran inside the woods that divides the two kingdoms where w both meet.I laughed and tears of joy ran down my cheeks.

"How did you know I was getting married today?" I asked as he layed me down on the soft green grass. He looked at me so warmly adm kissed me on the lips.

"An old lady with brown hair found me walking in my town. She gave me a letter yesterday at night." So she took my letter. He continued," I missed you so much. What is that important thing you wrote in the letter?"

I took his free hand and placed it on my stomach. He looked at my stomach and then at me. His eyes were wide open and he smiled.

"I'm going to be.."I nodded. " A father." I finished the sentence for him. He smiled and kissed my stomach and then my lips. Those warm, rough lips I missed them so much. This is were I want to be. I don't care if we live in a house like the other folks in our town or in the woods and make our home. I will always tell myself I'm always home with him.

"This is were I want to be." He said. "Me too." I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck and pull him in a full kiss.


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