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Unloved by you! (Part 1)

Short story By: jacky franco
Young adult

A girl who is truly in love with a guy. Will he accept the girl or reject her??

Submitted:May 13, 2011    Reads: 110    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Name is Rexy that's how people call me. I have red hair with some big green eyes. My body shape is curvy the way guys like it not fat nor skinny. I'm not the type of girl who is nice or helpful. I'm a bad ass girl well for most of the poeple others call me mean. I get suspended get ticktes, been to juvie and get kicked out schools. I've already been kicked out five schools. My parents lost hope and trust in me, but why do they care they haven't been in my life more often. I've had done some many things bad that I really regret so much. I always wish I could take it all back and do something better but that's how I choosen and I can't do anything.

"Rexy, pay attention!" my teacher yells at me. I don't flinch. I was staring at the guy I started to like. I sit a the back of the classroom so I'm good at not getting caught. It's a miracle I haven't been kicked out. I guess Trey is on my mind all the time that it keeps me busy just dreaming about him.

Everyone turn their heads to look at me. I slouched down in my chair pulling my hoody to cover my eyes. Mr. Gordon clears his throat loud for all the students to pay attention back to the lesson and him. The bell rings and I'm the first to get out of the class room. I started to go to the ourtyard to skip the last two periods. Before I get to the court yard I hear his voice.

"Rexy." he touches my arm lightly. The touch gave me goosebumps but at the same time its warms me. I turn around to face him. He has black short spiked hair with blue eyes color of the sky.

"Yeah." I answer. He scratches the back of his head and looks down at the floor then faces back at me.

"I want to get to know you."

I tilt my head to the left with a question look and trying to see if it's a joke.

"I hear students talk about you.'

I shrug my shoulders. I'm used to the crap poeple give me.

"What's to know?" I turn to get out to the court yard for some fresh air.


"Why?" I ask not looking at him. "You think I don't have friends? That I need you?" Oh please be this a joke. I just want him to back off.

"I just want to help" he mutters to himslef.

I hear his footsteps going away from me. I turn around to see if he left. He did.


"It will be fun." my friend in crime told me. Ha. Ha. Ha get it we go steal from poeple. It's fun it gives me adrenaline rush. I'm wearing a black baggy pants with a hoody on and a ski mask. Derry was excited as I was to go see who we bother. We laugh at when we see the poeple's reaction.

"Ya gotta be quiet." Hitz said. It's dark outside the moon shining down at us, just so beautiful. He gives Derry a pocket knife and he gives me a Derringer gun. The best weapon I can have. It's easy for me to hide in the pocket of my baggy pants.

We are crouched down next to a black truck. We are in this very rich, top class neighborhood. I and my buddies live in the ghetto. Well I choosed the ghetto to live with my friend HItz. I saw my parents do not want me no more. So I told them that I'm moving out of the house so they could have some privacy. That I wil stay with my friend Hitz and blah,blah,blah. They tried to convince me to stay with them that they will give me anything that I want. I shouted at them that I don't need money to keep me happy that I need them their love. They were speechless I left with out a hug, kiss or a goodbye. Nada.

"Let's go."he said whispering.

We start running towards this big house it was a mansion two stories high. My friend and I go to the back and Hitz goes to the front. Derry starts to giggle that is so catagious that I start too. When we stop we wait to hear Hitz signal. Our eyes open big and we have sparkles in our eyes when we hear the howl. I kick the door down and we go in. I got my gun in ready position. I look around because I didn't wanted to have a surprise. Hitz turns on all the lights waking people that were sleeping upstairs. Hitz goes first upstairs I go after him last is Derry. When we reach the top the family is all together in the master bedroom. And what a master room it is! There was a man standing in front of his wife and daughter proctecting them.

I go in the next room and I guess it was the girls. I went to the closet and saw the jewlery box and took it with me. I was using the long sleves of the sweater to not leave any fingerprints.I went to join the other guys and threw the box to the floor.I go look over her stuff and choose this pretty bracelet and necklace. It was shaped as a moon crest and it was gray. I put it in my pants.

"No, don't take that! Please not those!" she cried. I pointed the gun at her.

"What's going on here?"

I turn my head around to see who it was, still pointing the gun at her. My eyes opened wide. No it can't be.


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