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Unloved by you! (Part 2)

Short story By: jacky franco
Young adult

A girl who is truly in love with this guy. Will he accept her or reject her?

Submitted:Jun 3, 2011    Reads: 84    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

It was Trey. He saw we were robbing and came charging at me. Derry tried to stop him but she couldn't. He came and tried to grab the gun. I slipped and grabed the girl and pointed the gun at her in the throat.

"Guys go!" I shouted. Hitz nodded his head.

"Please don't hurt me! Trey help me!" she cried to Trey.

Hitz had tied Trey's parents together with a wire and taped their mouths with duck tape. He then came to help me while Derry keept an eye on the adults.

"Let go of my sister!" he shouted. Hitz grabbed Trey by the arms so he wont try to grab me.Derry and I stil holding Trey's sister, look around to see what we can steal. I go to the closet and and look around in the small space to see if there's no hidden box or somethign peculiar. I was about to leave the closet to look for more items to steal when I see this book in the closet. I remember the design on the book. My mom had one exactly like it and when you open it you can store anything valuable in it. When I open it there was cash. There was a stack of 100 dollar bills. I took a stack and put it in my pants and tossed some to my friend Derry.

"Let's go." Hitz whispered.

I noded. Derry goes first downstairs then I go walking backwards to keep an eye on unexpected surprises. As I made my way half down the stairs Hitz came running.

"Come one. Hurry! Let the girl go." he said shouting.

I throw the girl on the floor and started running to the back door. I reached for the doorknob but the girl grabbed it and pulled off my ski mask. I turned around to face her. She looked at me stunned,

"You. It can't be." she whispered, still holding the ski mask on her hand.

I point my gun at her. Hitz told not to leave any clues behind. I can't do this. I turn around to leave when she shouted for her brother. I spin on my heels and pointed the gun at her again and shoot. She fell to the ground. I took my ski mask and left.

I ran with out stopping until I was at Hitz's home. I fell to my knees in front of the house facing the street. Tears filled my eyes making my sight blurry. I looked at the gun and thoughts of suicide came in my head. As I bring the gun to my head Hitz comes running to me and takes it away. He holds me tight close to him.

He picked me up in bride style and took me inside the house. As he took me inside he was walking the usuaI path to my room but then he changed it and took me to his room. He layed me down gently on his king size bed. He then lays next to me on the right looking at me.

"What happened?" he asked me. I looked away from him and looked back.

"Tell me"

I gulped. "I shot a the girl." he sighed.

"Dont worry nobody saw that it was you. Right?"

I bit my bottom lip. "The girl did but I shot her." I whispered.

"Don't worry." he whispered to me. He touched my cheek and went down and stop on my chin. He looks at me in the eyes and moves my face gently closer to him. I close my eyes and then I feel his warm lips on mine sensual. Our breathing goes fast and shallow. I could hear the rain pounding loud outside and thunder booming. He gets on top of me and pulls away from my lips to take of his t-shirt. My eyes open wide of the shock of his abs. I sure knew he had some because I saw him work out almost every day, but never thought I will see them this close and on me.

He comes back to kiss me more passionaly feeling his tounge roaming in me. He slides his hands up on my back to un-hook my bra and takes my hoodie and my shirt. As we kept going on this pattern of taking off we ended all naked. I don't know why I was doing this. I love Trey but I'm doing this with Hitz.

He slides down with his hand and touches me sensually,then he penetrates me deep. I moan loudly. He moves in and out and then we both hit the climax. So tired we both ended.

"We're friends with benefits." he whispered to me smiling like an idiot. We both fell asleep together.


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