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Season Apprecitaion; Put Yourself in Thier Shoes

Short story By: jasminelasick
Young adult


With Christmas just around the corner, many kids want the newest and best electronics out there. Or expect new brand name cloths, or Christmas money. And some complain when they don't get the newest phone or $100 of Christmas money. Now does that show appreciation to you?
As to where there is millions of kids who don't even know what Christmas is. For they don't get anything nor expect too. But yet their appreciation is to have a floor to sleep on, a bowl of soup for the day, cold water for a shower. And toy's to play with, that they have to share with hundreds of other kids.
Now don't get me wrong, theirs nothing wrong with wanting more. Were humans, it's natural for us to strive for more. But theirs a thin line of showing no appreciation and selfishness. To let you know what I mean, think about this, when you see a homeless person out in the freezing cold. Does it make you feel more appreciated of the life your living in? Or does it make you feel sorry for the homeless person? So then you would take your jacket off for them to stop shaking. Well if you were the one who would compare your lifestyle to theirs then your a being selfish. Why? Well because your only thinking about yourself. And how lucky you feel not to be in their position. Rather than the person without an doubt, give up their jacket for them. Because they would put themselves into their shoes, hoping for someone to hand them a jacket if they were outside homeless in the freezing cold.
Okay, lets put this into something that were all common with. With being in higschool, you see many different styles, in the type of cloths people wear. But we can all agree that most styles we see people wear in school is preppy. Or for the guys, more of the athletic style. But what would you do, if you were put in somebody else's shoes. To where you were lucky enough to get even get new cloths for the new school year. By getting Goodwill cloths, that you know they were worn before by someone else. Now would that make you more appreciated of the clothes you get now? Or how about when you start getting bullied for the types of clothes you wear? How would you feel now? Personally, I think it's not only selfish but pathetic when people make fun of someone that person can't control. As family is struggling to keep their home.
This situation, brings me back when my grandma and I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. We were in line to pay for our food. And then we couldn't help but hearing a mom with her child, trying to pay for a few food items and couple items of cloths. As we see her desperately looking for change in her purse. We find out that they lady didn't have enough money to pay for her things. As people's attention starting to shift towards her. With the line not moving anymore, as the mom is still scrambling through her purse. You then notice that her son is embarrassed. And I notice that no one is willing to help her by just donating some change for her. Selfish, don't you think? As I turn around to my grandma to see if she knew what was going on, she knew exactly what I was thinking. As she hands me money. I go straight to the lady and give her the money. She shows great appreciation. As I walk back to my grandma, I realize that I did a good thing. For I was little, and took the courage to go up to an total stranger. What I didn't understand was, that their were a bunch of adults near her in line. Why couldn't they spare a few change?
Well I would like to tell you about my story,of what how true appreciation came to me. As a young child, I grew up in a 3rd world country. I was born in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Which for those who don't know where that is, it's below Russia and next to China! But I was in a very rural area, in a orphanage with hundreds of other kids. Now your probably thinking, what could you possibly appreciate by living in poverty in a run down orphanage? And not a warm comfy home? First of all, it was a miracle for me to even still be alive, as I was a premature baby of being born 2 months early, weighing only 3.5 pounds, and followed along having a failing heart. I was taken into an orphanage known as the 'sick' baby. For I survived those 3 years, without any care for my heart, as each year it became worse and worse. So even though I was born in such an unhealthy state, I greatly appreciated in being taken into an orphanage. Though I was lucky enough to still be alive, to where some of the really sick babies, were left to die in the basement, for the caretakers couldn't do anything to cure them. But it's better than being left on the streets, which believe it or not, happened to young kids who weren't wanted by their parents, and then were left to do anything they had to do to survive on their own, which then selling themselves for money became their only option or being a thief. And this ranged from very young ages, as once you turned 16, you were kicked out of the orphanage, and onto the streets. This then leads to my deep and true appreciation for being taken into complete strangers life's and being treated just the same as one of their own kids. Thirteen years ago,on Valentines Day, was my first day to America, my first day of being in a family, my first day of feeling wanted. My mom always says that my biological mom may have given me life, but she's the one who extended it. For then, I had to immediately get heart surgery, as my heart was giving out from not having any care for it for 3 years. And I thank my parents for it, as it strikes me,that if it wasn't for them. I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't of experienced the things I've experienced, I wouldn't of felt the love that I desperately wanted as a child for I didn't know what love was,when I was growing up in the orphanage, or meet the important people in my life now. I can honestly say that my parents are angels, for they have saved my life.
But before I end my speech, I would like to finish it with a poem dedicated to my mom and dad.

Mom and dad, I wonder if
You know how much I care.
I got the good things, all I have,
Because you guys were there.

I thank you for the time you spent,
Doing all you did.
You help me now; you helped me then
When I was just a little kid.
Unselfish, giving, loving, more...
You gave so much to me.
Without you, Mom and dad , I don’t
Know what on earth I’d do.

Thank you for the way you are,
Like angels from above;
I thank you for everything,
And give you all my love.

So with my point across, for the holiday season. Put yourself in somebody else's shoes. For then, I hope you feel more selfless, and feel more appreciation for what your parents go through for giving the best they can for you.

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