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Carrie's Wolf

Short story By: JessGS
Young adult

Carrie is lonely and desperate but can one animal make her decision?

Submitted:Jun 1, 2013    Reads: 49    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

Dedicated to nikkiwilcox04

Wolves are remarkable creatures. They have a strong sense of family, far beyond the capacity of a human. They know who is calling for them by the howl they hear in the wind and they wait patiently.

Many accidently perceive the wolves as dangerous but the truth remains. The sense of family is so strong they are simply using self defence, in order to keep those they love safe from harm.

Now don't think I'm telling you to go up to a wolf and give it a hug. That would be madness. A wolf would immediately see you as a threat and so you would have to be good at running to reach survival.

However if you're a lost soul - someone so detached from your own family that you would happily leave normal society forever - then the wolves would sense that. Follow them. Smell like them. Imitate their actions and soon the pack leader will notice you.

They would check you, pin you to the ground and brush you with their teeth. Enough to scare you but also enough to see if you really want to be part of their group. If you are so lost, that you don't move then the wolf pack would accept you. You would have a family.

Carrie felt like a lost soul. She wasn't wanted at home; she wasn't clever like her older brother and wasn't loveable like her little baby sister. She was piggy in the middle, missed out and forgotten.

That was why she decided to leave home that night. She lived in Alaska, right next to a large forest. It meant their house was heavily padlocked from them but Carrie had seen the wolves before. One had managed to sneak into the garden after her father had forgotten to lock it years ago. Carrie had never seen her mother so mad.

The wolf was beautiful though. The moonlight shone off its shiny grey fur, reflected in its black eyes. They glittered. It had four wide paws, so powerful that it looked like it would kill in matter of seconds. However the paws also showed a beauty. They were looking for a loving embrace; they would hold an injured person. They could heal a broken heart.

Carrie had looked for that same wolf for years afterwards but it never appeared again. She could hear the wolves' howls though. That cheered her up. Maybe she was the missing member they were desperately calling for.

So the night she left home, she travelled lightly. She had only the clothes she stood in. She walked a little way into the woods and took a step back to look at the house she had once called home. It was in darkness, with one light still shining on; her own bedroom light. It would be only a few hours before they looked for her. She loved her family but when she left...they could truly be happy. The perfect nuclear family - that's what her mother wanted. By leaving and causing them a few weeks of heartache she was setting them free.

She howled into the night. A wolf pack was nearby. They came, slowly at first and then the leader ran quicker. It threw Carrie to the ground and pinned her down. It brushed her with its teeth. Carrie closed her eyes.

This was it then - the moment where she decided whether to flee or stay. Carrie took an unsteady breath and looked back at the house. She loved the wolves but it was lucky she was a fast runner. She wasn't ready just yet. The wolf knew that too. It was the same shiny grey wolf that had been in her garden years ago. It gave a quiet growl of assent and let Carrie go. Carrie ran to her garden, the wolf's gaze burning into her back.

They locked eyes for a moment but Carrie knew what the wolf meant.

"Some are meant to be brothers Carrie, but others will only be friends. You, Carrie are the wolf's best friend."

Carrie walked indoors and got back into bed. Her small ray of hope from the wolf gave her a talisman that would fix her ways and her relationship with her family. She could do it.


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