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Molly: Part One- Lost.

Short story By: Kat O Connor
Young adult

this is a story I wrote at 1am one August night. It's not perfect but I'm very happy with it. It wasn't planned or anything, I just started writing. It's about a young Irish girl named Molly who is pregnant! She's been abandoned by family, friends and even her art student boyfriend who's fecked off to Paris to study. She's feeling hopeless and miserable until one night in McDonald's when a familiar face come's to her rescue. The main themes based on this story are teen pregnancy and abortion but I have added some light humour and lighter topics in there to make the story less dark. I've decided to make this a short series where I will continue with this character as her adventure unfolds.
Please enjoy,
Kat xo.

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Molly: Part One: Lost.

We met up at the bus station at seven minutes past six; there wasn't a sinner on the streets. We didn't speak a single word to each other, but he smiled at me and it reassured me, because it was a real smile, something I hadn't seen in so long. He was the only person that would help me. I'd begged everyone! my boyfriend, my mam, aunties, close friends, old school mates and they were all useless. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I completely understand that everyone has different values but refusing to help someone so troubled is nothing but cruel. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Molly, oh and I'm pregnant. Sorry for blurting that out there but it's pretty much the only thing on my mind right now, that and the colour of his eyes.

This isn't making much sense is it? Allow me to explain. Basically two months ago after a sneaky trip to Boots to purchase their cheapest pregnancy test, I discovered I was pregnant, something every teenage girl who is meant to be starting her business degree wants to find out. Unfortunately, that's not even the worse part, the baby's father? He just moved to Paris and cares too much about his beloved art college to leave and support me, sweet eh? Anyone that I begged for help turned their backs on me, nobody really wanted to go clubbing with the abandoned pregnant girl, and apparently it's not very cool? Who knew! My mother is pretty religious so it's safe to say she was ecstatic about the news! To show her happiness she threw me a huge party to celebrate... oh no wait, she actually threw me out of the house, simple mistake!

So here I am two months later, I've ran out of friends sofa's to sleep on and my bank balance is slowly but surely disappearing. I've been trying to be wise and spend very little money; for example every evening I treat myself to a very swanky meal, a box of McDonald's chicken nuggets off the eurosaver menu. One night whilst wining and dining at Dublin's finest restaurant I noticed a familiar face across the room whilst I was stuffing my face with chicken nuggets. Brilliant, the first person I see in weeks that I know and I'm here with breaded chicken halfway up my nostrils. And of course he recognised me, excellent! "Molly! Hi. Wow eh, hi, can I sit down, do you mind?" then he laughed, it was the laugh that killed me, and brought back all these unnecessary feelings, it was either that or heartburn. We were lucky it was a 24 hour McDonald's because we talked until the early hours of the morning. And when I say talked I don't mean about the weather and the latest Rose of Tralee news, this was proper serious stuff. I basically spilled my heart out to someone and he did the same, whilst drunken people from nightclubs stumbled in sporting their finest clubbing clothes soiled in cheap drink.

And that basically brings us up to this moment in time. Greg (that's my pal from McDonalds that I've barely seen in the past five years) and I are currently sitting at a bus stop waiting to catch a bus to the airport. Somehow after struggling to find help for so long I've managed to get help from one of the sweetest people I've known after bonding over a box of chicken nuggets and rekindling our friendship in a fast food restaurant. So here we were, boarding the 747 to the airport and soon to be boarding a plane to the United Kingdom, somewhere I always wanted to visit but certainly not for this reason.

It's now 7:24am and we're just about to land in Liverpool. I held onto my stomach as the plane descended and not because of the turbulence or travel sickness, but because I was about to do one of the most traumatic things I'll probably experience in my life. I was just lucky to have Greg here with me, even though he was currently lying on my shoulder and drooling in his sleep, delightful!

It's just gone 7:36am and they have just opened the planes door, the air hostess grinned at us flashing her sparkling white teeth and wished us a pleasant trip as we made our way off the plane. Oh if only she knew what I was about to go through. As we stepped off the plane Greg grabbed my hand, held me close and looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, just like he did and the bus stop. I felt reassured. I felt safe. I felt loved. I could do this. I had to do this. I had no other choice.

By Kat.


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