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Eve Parkers has never known what real parents were like. Given up at birth she landed in a foster home, with a drunken mom, and a dad who beat her often. She almost ran away before they adopted another child- a boy named Mason. Eve knows what will happen to the boy and protects him from his parents.

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"YOU WRETCHED GIRL!" Sadie screamed standing over me. I cowered, cringing into the corner. Sadie stood between me and the door. I heard Mason crying upstairs, and Sadie swore under her breath. Blood trickled down from my lip. I watched Sadie storm to the door way and scream out. "For fucks sake, John! SHUT THAT BOY UP!" I grew angry. I didn't care what she did to me. Or what John did. But they would NOT touch my baby brother. I strode up to Sadie and shoved her into the wall.

"Dont touch him" I growl. She stares at me blankly. Her face turns to a sneer of disgust. She grips my arm.

"To the shed with you you little bitch" She snarls, dragging me down the hall to the glass doors. She shoved them open and dragged me across the yawn. She kicked open the shed and threw me down onto the hard ground. I heard her lock the door and curled up in the darkness. I wiped the blood off my face, thinking of what I would say to Mrs. Johnstone. I couldn't tell her the truth: my parents beat me. My father raped me. My mother tried to sell me to men. No. I couldnt tell her. I had to protect my brother Mason. He was only 5, and wasn't even my full brother. But in my heart it felt like he was. I was adopted by Sadie and John Kevins. My name was Eve Parker. I was only a newborn baby when they got me, but they quickly replaced me with Mason. I am only 10. But still, I loved and protected Mason because I knew Sadie and John were growing tired of him to. I studied myself, through the pale moon light that shown through the cracks in the shed. I was tall for my age, 5 ft 3. I had hair, black as a ravens feathers and hung, un cut, to my ribs. My skin was cocoa brown, ringed with purple and blue marks. My eyes were a pale, pale blue, like ice. I knelt before the window, and looked at the moon.

"God" I prayed. "Keep Mason safe. Sadie and John are upset tonight. Give me the strength to protect him" After saying this, I lay down and fell asleep. I dreamed of another world. Mason and I played on sweeping lawns, a giant white mansion behind us, the sky brilliant blue, the lawn an emerald green. A man and woman sat on a bench, watching us, smiles on their faces. I dreamed I was home. When I woke, sun light was shining down on me. I sat up, stiff. I shook my hair out and rose. The shed was open and so was the back door. I quickly ran inside, to see John and Mason sitting at the table.

"Good morning" I mumble slipping upstairs to my room. My room is bare, with peeling paint, a mattress and a thin blanket, and a pile of clothes. I pull on an old sweater to hide the bruises on my arms, and some jeans. I slid on the sneakers and pulled my left my hair down. I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. John was gone, and Mason played with his toys.

"Hey mase" I say, smiling. He grins at me.

"Eve, play with me" Mason says. I pick him up, hugging him tight.

"Sorry Mason. I got school." I kiss his forehead, and put him down, then head outside. Sadie was gardening.

"Not one word, understand me girl?" She calls, watching me like a hawk.

"Yes Sadie" I say, keeping my eyes down. I head down the sidewalk listening to the slap-slap-slap my shoes made. The sun shone down, and kids laughed as they walked past. The neighborhood was beautiful, and alive with loving, warm familes. Cars drove down the rode, headed for Brights Elementary. I sat on the steps outside the school. I had done this everyday since I was little. A girl sat beside me. She had beautiful blond hair, and wore a white dress. Her eyes gleamed like a green meadow flecked with gold flowers.

"I'm Emma" She says smiling. I smile back. No one talks to me usually.

"I'm Eve" I replie. She stands up.

"Cmon, lets go play" Emma says, helping me up. We run to the playground. I laugh as we race down the slides. The bell rings and we head to the school. I go to Mrs. Johnstone's class and sit at the back. I doodle in my book as she starts the lesson. She gives out the work, and comes to my desk.

"Good morning Eve" She smiles at me. I just nod.

"I saw you playing today" Mrs Johnstone says. I nod again, pulling my sleeves down. She frowns. "What was on your wrist, Eve?"

"Nothing" I squeak, but she reachs for my wrist, and I cring back into my chair. Her face hardens, but when she grabs my wrist gently. She pushes the sleeve back, and studies the bruises. She looks at the cut on my lip. She walks away and I slump forward.

Finally, school ends and I run outside. Emma waits at the steps.

"Hey Eve" She says. I walk past her, pulling my sleeves over my wrists. She walks beside me silently. At my street, she stops, looking very very sweet.

"I'll see you tonight, Eve" She says, and walks away. I walk to my house. I open the door and close it quietly. Mason's toys lie abandoned on the floor. I put them in his basket, before going upstairs. I opened my bedroom door and froze. Sadie and John stood there, silent and still as statues.

"Close the door Eve" John says quietly. His voice is smooth, but cold, and flat. I close the door. He strides forward and slaps me so hard the cut on my lip reopens. He throws me into the wall and I slam into it hard.

"How dare you" Sadie hisses, grabbing my hair and throwing me onto the floor. "We feed you." She kicks me hard, and I double over, gasping for breath. Tears stream down my face. "We clothe you" She stomps on my hand and I cry out in pain. "And you tell your teacher on us?" She rakes her hand across my face, opening new cuts with her fingers. I shriek in pain,crying.

"They took Mason from us" John growls, striding closer.

"Good" I answer. He moves forward and kicks my leg so hard I hear a snap. I scream in pain, and nearly black out. The pain countinues, for hours, growing worse and worse. Vaugly, I hear sirens, people shouting, someone dragging my parents away. A woman in a medics uniform bends over me. My head falls sideways and I see a girl with beautiful blond hair and green eyes.

"Come with me, Eve" Emma says. I let my eyes drift close. When I open them, I stand on a hillside. Graves surrond us. I look down and see a white dress, billowing around my dark skin. Emma stands beside me. I look at the group in black. I approach. Mrs. Johnstone stands in the group, wearing a black dress. My entire school, staff, students, and parents are there. Mason rests in a ladies arms, a man beside them. A casket is lowered into the ground, as I approach. A beautiful, white headstone sits at the head and reads:

Eve Parkers,


A soul who has finally found flight,

The brightness who fought the storm. I looked at Mason, and the couple with him. He was safe.

"Time to go, Eve" Emma says. I look back, and see another hillside. Its emerald green lawns spread as far as I could see. A large, white mansion gleams against a brilliant blue sky Mason stands,waving at me, with a couple behind him, their faces full of love and acceptance. I run towards them, and disappear in a trail of golden light.


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