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If i'm Paralyzed

Short story By: kidarox123
Young adult

Tags: Kidarox123

This a cute little happy ending story about Tanner and Breanne. (summary sucks, i will fix later.)

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"Meet me at two," He whispered over the phone, impatient to see her again. It had been almost a year with nothing but long phone calls and short texts. He couldn't wait to see her beautiful face and those glowing eyes of hers, just thinking of her made him smile.
She laughed and his heart danced, "Okay, see ya then!" She breathed once before hanging up the phone, if only he knew how much she wanted to be near him, to never be separated ever again.
Tanner and Breanne had been best friends since childhood. I know the story is old as time, but these two were special. Tanner was calm and easy going while Breanne was flamboyant and stubborn. They were complete opposites and some how, they completed each other.
Tanner looked around the hotel room. His father had set him up in a suite, he didn't understand why, he was only staying a night, but his father was determined. If it wasn't the best than his father didn't want anything to do with it. Perhaps that is why they had never gotten along. Tanner wanted to be a music teacher, something his father didn't understand. He was expecting a doctor, lawyer, or something else with high income to come from him. But Tanner's passion for music was all he had to offer. Tanner had decided that that is why he had leaned on Breanne so much. She accepted him the way he was, she loved his music, always asking him to play for her, and humming the tune with him when they were in the car together.
Her favorite piece was one that he only played for her. Secretly he had written it for her, however she simply thought it was another one of his "i got bored today and i wrote this" pieces. Not that it wasn't phenomenal, it was. And that is why she liked it so much.
She had never seen him work so hard on a song before. She would sit in his practicing room with her homework, watching him hunch over the piano, writing, his eyes ablaze as if the music had caught him on fire. He was determined. Sometimes she wondered what he was thinking of when he was writing it- what inspired it. It had not title, and all she had was the melody to consider. It was happy and light, but at some parts it made her want to cry. The emotion he wove into every note is what blew her away.
She looked around the little apartment she lived in with her roomie Lacey. It was compact and stationary, but for the first time in so long she was finally content. She smiled and turned off the side table lamp, "Tomorrow" she whispered, she had never had better dreams.
He couldn't sleep all night. The anticipation was like a drug, eating at him and clawing for it to be appeased. He almost wanted to call her again, just to hear her voice muffled over the phone, coated with tiredness. But he knew she would take his call, she always did.
Breanne's eyes opened, only to be greeted by the sun beating through her pink curtains. Lacey came in, still in her pajamas, while eating a bowl of cereal. "Why are you so simley? she asked with her mouth full and annoyance in her voice.
"You know Tanner?" She smiled again, "Well..."
"You guys finally hooked up?!" Lacey squealed.
"No, its not like that, we're just friends."
"Uh-huh, and goldfish fly." Lacey said sarcastically, "You should see yourself when you talk to him - you light up, completely in love."
She groaned, "I have known him since I have known the first letter of the alphabet, he understands me and I understand him. We haven't seen each other since graduation last year. He went off to ASU, and I came to Cali to relax for a year, its just been weird to not have him...here." She was lost in thought, thinking of that awful day they separated. Not knowing when and if they were going to see each other again.
He had given her his class ring, "Keep this, as a promise that we have to see each other again, I can't let you keep that forever." He grinned, of course he didn't really care about getting it back, he just wanted to see her again.
She twisted the ring around her finger where it never left, feeling sad about giving it back, "Anyways, he's in California right now, he wants to see me. We are meeting at the San Diego beach at two this after noon. He has to commute here and he needed to pick something up, so we couldn't meet this morning."
Lacey put her spoon in the empty bowl, "Uh-huh, can i be invited to your wedding?"
"Yeah when i find 'the one'" she made finger quotes in the air. Lacey laughed, defeated, "Alright, well don't come crying to me if you pass up whats right in front of you."
Breanne rolled her eyes and let her hands drop from her lap, "Yeah, yeah."
It was 2:15 and he was dying. Where was she? Did she change her mind? forget? He looked up from his phone to see a tall blonde walking towards him. She waved and broke into a run.
"Hey! Jeez we should have talked about a spot to meet at on the beach! I parked way on the other side!" She said, out of breath but smiling.
"Aw, sorry! I wasn't thinking!" They hugged and she looked at him, "Awww you're all grown up!" He rolled his eyes but blushed anyways.
"Look at you! You're blonde! Last time I saw you you were brunette! I didn't even recognize you walking up!" She smiled, "I know! I wanted something new, it was this or pink!" She laughed and she looked at the water.
"So do you want to tell me all about ASU while we walk?" He smiled and hooked arms with her. He told her everything, about the dorm he was living in, the classes and teachers he had, and even what he ate for lunch. As if telling her would make up for the missed year.
"So how has 'relaxing' been for you?" He said when he was finished, he had never understood her for taking a year off. It was wasted time he had told her. But nothing he said would change her mind.
"Its amazing! You should do it too, you look a little stressed!" she joked, "Its so amazing here. The beach is magical, i love waking up to its waves every morning." She put her toes in the water and he watched.
"Come on! its not that cold!" He shook his head, "No way!"
She stuck her tongue out at him and splashed him lightly.
"Hey!! "he said while wiping at his shirt, "Thats not fair!"
He lunged for her but she ran, laughing her head off. He chased her for a few minuets before she stumbled on a shell and stopped. He ran to see if she was okay but he did the same as her, only he fell into her, knocking her into the water.
"Ahhh!" She yelped as her back hit a rock that had been hidden by the sand. "Ouch! Tanner, i think i hit a rock!" She stayed laying in the water, once again making a big show out of everything.
"Oh no!" He joked kneeling by her side, going along with her show.
"Oh no is right!" She sighed, "Well, if i'm paralyzed i guess you're going to have to marry me, because no one else will!"
He laughed, "I guess so!" He pulled a soft (but now wet) ring box and she gasped and sat up.
"I love you Breanne, you are the one person in my life, who i would die for. I love your laugh, your smile, and everything you do. You have always loved me for me, and have always encouraged me to be the best i can be, and I know that you are the only person on this earth that can make me happy, so paralyzed or not, will you marry me Breanne?" He was smiling from ear to ear, his cute little freckles dancing.
"I guess, i have to" She said while throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionetly. He pulled her up right and they held hands, walking along the beach. "You know that song that you love?" She knew the one before he had finished the sentence, "Yes."
"Well, all those years ago, you were my inspiration. The title was, "Being in love with you." Tears of happiness slipped down her face, "Thank you" she whispered before kissing him again.
Breanne and Tanner are now married happily, forever and always, committed to each other. Tanner graduated from ASU and started working at the local elementary school, however, he was so talented that word got out and he was asked to play at weddings and perform for the community. Soon he was contacted by a recording company and is now a successful pianist. And of course there is Breanne at every concert, sitting in the front row or behind the stage. She ended up writing a novel, a love story about two best friends who found love in each other. It was number one on the New York Times list for seven months, before dropping to second for a new J.K. Rowling series. Breanne gave birth to their first child, a little girl named Chole two years later. They would also welcome two more children into the world, a boy and a girl named, Jason and Abbie in the years to come.


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