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(The Genre is not correct, simply because it does not have this type of novel.)

Eleise is 15-years-old. Shes abused by her father and other students. Her best friend Beth died from abuse by her parents. Eleise has been taking it hard ever since.

This is for a writing contest. so if you read, you MUST comment telling me what I have to fix. Thanks

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Yesterday was but a momment of my past. Today is a new beginning. Maybe full of Exitment, happyness, joyful learning or maybe even friendship. It could also have Depresstion, crying, pain or even death. Life is but of Surprises hidden in gods hands, up in the heavens where I wait to join. Every day I dwell in my room waiting for the day that I join my best friend in Gods hands. Shes up there waiting for me. I can feel it, I know it.
Today I got up at 8. I stummbled into the bathroom next to my bedroom and brushed my teeth. I changed into my skinny jeans and a cute black top that says ' Beauty is not everything, the personality catches your heart.'
I tip toed down the hall way past my baby sister Ally`s room whom is 5-months-old and slid down each step, 24 to be percise.
I walked over and sat on the chair that was at the dinning room table and slummped over my soggy fruit loops. I picked up my spoon and twirled it around the many colors of fruit loops spilling the colors into the milk. I looked over at my 3-year-old brother Tray and than my 9-year-old brother Seth. I groaned and stood up as my mother walked into the dinning room with a plate of eggs and toast. I stood there and watched her carefully and she sat the plate infront of my father. I inhaled a deep breath and turned around.
I picked up my backpack and slid it over my sholder and I felt pain. I slowly turned the door handle and stepped out the crack in the door and shut the door quietly behind me. I stood on the front step and pulled up my sleeve and revieled the

bruise I got from last night when my father punched me, because he was drunk, and I wouldn`t answer him. I wouldn`t answer him because I couldn`t hear him. I was listening to my old, black CD walkmen that I bought when I was 10. I worked for the old lady next door fixing up her backyard, I saved for over 3 months. In the end it was worth it.
My Father goes to the bar every night after work with his buddie Sam. When he comes home, hes usualy drunk and he yells at me and
threatens me, all because I`m the oldest. 15 actuly. Most of the time he beats me, sometimes with his fists or feet, but he also may have a tendency to use his beer bottle that he was drinking out of or the belt around his waist. I`ve only went to the hospital 15 times in counting. Sometimes I pass out and don`t wake up for a week or 2. When I finnaly wake up, I`m incapible of moving because of the pain and because of the dry blood that stains my clothing. I never tell anyone whats going on. Never spill a word. If someone were to perhaps ask me why the bruise or cut is there, I state that I fell through a window because I`m so clumsy or that I tripped while walking to school.
I shook my head from these thoughts and stumbled backwards. I looked at the ground and than started my everyday adventure to school.
Suddenly, I was stopped by 4 people from my school, all dressed in barbie pink short leather skirts, Wool shirts with barbie pink real leather jackets. Jessica, Alison, TayTay and Abby. The 4 most popular girls at our school, why? I`m not so sure, because they are the real deal when it comes to cruel, nasty and just straight rude.
I crossed my arms and stared at them. "What do you want?" I asked angerly. " To bug you of course." Jessica tonted. "I`m sure you need it." TayTay smiled. "I don`t need your crap right now. Leave me alone." I started to walk right past them. " You will not leave Jessica when shes talking." Alison took my arm and yanked me back, letting me fall to the ground as the girls laughed. " Haha sucker." TayTay laughed loudly. As they all jumped into their Bright, barbie pink car, leaving me to myself on the ground.
Their laughs sounded like witches, which I`m sure thats what they are.
I stood up and swiped my pants, cleaning the rocks and dirt off them. I sighed in pain and than continued to walk.
Once I got there, I went straight to my locker. I turned the dial and opened it. On the ground flew a bunch of letters and notes. I bent down and picked them all up. I shoved them in my backpack and than took out the books I needed for my History class. I closed my locker door and locked it. I than went in my class and took out one of the many notes, the note read:
Go fall out a window again, crashing into a pit full of lemon juice, so you can feel the pain that we go through every day when we see you.
I folded the note and a tear slid down my face, seeping into a cut that was right under my eye, causing more tears from the pain I felt in the cut. "Eleise. Would you explain to me, why to as the reason you are crying?" My teacher said quietly as she stood over my desk, setting a box of tishues onto my desk.
The box had a Zebra print on it. I stared at it as my teacher stood their waiting.
Is the box black with white stripes or white with black stripes? I pondered.
"Eleise." My teacher said calmly. "Oh sorry. Its nothing." I looked up at her quickly and than pack down at the box. "Clearly something is wrong if you crying. Come with me. " She smiled and gave the finger sighn, meaning fallow me.
I stood up weekingly and fallowed her into the nurces office. I sat down on the bed and my teacher told the people in the room to leave for a minute.
"Eleise. Whats wrong? Your one of my best students, but since last term you have been slipping, and now your crying in my classroom? Whats going on sweety?" She got down on her knees, putting her hands on the bed, staring up at me. " Nothing." Thats all I could say, because the pain would come back quickly and easily. " Tell me. Its just us. You can tell me, anything." She smiled. " Mhm." I looked around the room, tracing over every object. "Eleise. Is it trouble at home, at school?" she looked worried, so I desided to show her the note.
I went through my backpack and took out the note and handed it to her. She smiled and unfolded it. She read it and than frowned. "Who is sending you these? Is there anymore?" I nodded and took the rest out of my bag. She looked shocked and looked at them all. " Who is sending these to you?"
"I`m not sure. But I get them every day. They normaly all say the same things. Sometimes they say really mean things like ' The end is near.' warnings and threatenings."
"I`m so sorry. I`ll track down who it is and get them to stop. Is this the only reason why your crying? Oh and whats the real reason why you have the cuts and bruises?"
" I found a stray cat and have been hiding it in my closet." I lied.
"Well. Let it free. Clearly it wasn`t ment to be yours if its hurting you." She stood up and walked away a bit.
" Stay here. The nurce will look over those cuts and clean them up."
The nurse came in and cleaned out my cuts. Soon after it was lunch and like always, I sat and ate alone.
School was over before I knew it and I was walking home again, when I ran into a bunch of little kittens. I looked around and smiled. There was 5 kittens. 3 Orange ones, 1 calico and 1 black one. I quickly picked up the black one and carfully put it in my backpack without anyone noticing. I ran home as fast as I could, holding my backpack in my hands, protecting it with my dear life.
I opened the front door and slammed it shut, running up the stairs. I ran past my little sisters room and swung my bedroom door open. I ran over to my bed and put my backpack down. I than ran over to my door and shut it. I walked over to my bed and took the kitten out of my backpack. I smiled and hugged it lightly.I set it down and it meowed quietly. I awed and kissed its head.
"What should I name you?" I pressed my finger up against my lip and thought. "I`ll call you.... Shadow! Thats it." I smiled and the kitten meowed and stummbled over to me and started to rub its head against my knee and pured. I pet it and the kitten jumped up into my lap and started to fall asleep.
Shadow is around 6 weeks old. Her fur is black and long. Its solft and fluffy. Her eyes are bright blue and her tail is short.
Later that night, my dad came home drunk again.
I heared him open the front door and close it and his voice coming from down stairs, he sounded drowsy and drunk.
I got up off my bed and picked up Shadow with the cat food. I took a small blanket and through it in my closet to make a bed. I bent down and put the kitten in the middle of the blanket and she fell asleep quickly. I smiled and heared my fathers foot steps coming up the stairs and him stummble a bit backwards.
I jumped to my feet and shut the closet door. I ran over to my bed and flopped down.
Everything went quiet. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I than could hear the knob on my bedroom door turn.
No, please no. I thought to myself as my dad swung the bedroom door open.
"What are you doing up this late?" He stummbled into my room and went back and forth with his eyes half shut and half open and his beer spilling onto the carpet.
"Dad its only 8. I don`t need to go to bed right now. I have homework." I said calmly. "No! Your going to bed when I say So. Or I`ll hit you." He slurped down some beer and fell forwards, putting his hand on my dresser to keep himself up. "No Dad." I said firmly. "Thats it." He opened his eyes and walked over to me. He took ahold of my arm and pushed me to the ground. "No dad." I screamed and my eyes got watery.
He kicked me. Than he took his belt off and whipped me about 38 times in the back, skin getting caught in the belt, he swung it back up for another hit while pulling out the skin, as I screamed in pain, blood filling my carpet that was once white that has blood staighned polka dots.
I looked over at my closet as my dad went to hit me again. I felt the belt hit my back, than sighed in pain as it went back up, ripping the skin out of my back. My vision went blurry. My dad hit me again, same thing happened again and I was soon, in full darkness. Not able to be awoken.

A week past, I was still knocked out on the floor. My eyes opened and the first thing I thought about was the kitten. I moved my arm from its spot and whined in pain. I than pushed on the floor, dragging myself over to the closet.I pushed the door open and the kitten sat there staring at me and meowed. It walked over and licked my face. I closed my eyes in pain and thanked god, that the kitten was okay.
The Kitten kept on licking me, So I had no choice, but to force myself to get up. The pain from the wounds in my back, made me fall into my bed.
My shirt was ripped and torn, So I took it off carefully and through it in a bag. I took off my pants and through it in the bag two because it was filled with blood aswell. I limped over to my dresser and changed out of my Under garments and put on a pair of ripped up shorts and a black tank top that was good enough to hide my deep cuts and to not hurt them either.
Before I put the shirt on. I went over to my mirror and had it so my cuts were facing the mirror. I looked behind me, into the mirror. I could see them. There had been some fresh ones too. Looks like my father had some fun with me while I was knocked out, whipping me in the back with his belt.
The cuts were deep enough that you could see my back bones. As I started to count them and I started to cry. I had over 58 slits in my back. I closed my eyes and turned my head and faced the ground. Tears slid down my bruised face.
I than heared knocking on my bedroom door so I slid my tank top on and whiped my tears. " Sweety. Answer the door. Your teacher is here to see you. Shes coming in." My mom shouted.
I froze. I looked at the ground and shouted "Just a minute. I`m indisposed."
I quickly through the bag under my bed and than through my ripped and torn blanket over top of the new blood stains in my carpet.
"Alright! Come in!" I yelled and sat on my bed.
My history teacher opened my bedroom door and looked around. She smiled and saw the kitten sitting in my closet and gave me a funny look.
" I thought I told you to get rid of that thing." She said.
"I got rid of the one that was hurting me and got this one. But my parents don`t know. Please don`t tell them. Its better that they don`t know." I pleeded.
"I promise. Now, you havn`t been at school alot. And it worries me. Now. I want to know whats really going on." She sat down next to me and put her hand on my back.
I closed me eyes and faught back the tears and moved her hand. "What was that? how come I felt gaps?" She looked worried and shocked. "No reason." I opened my eyes and rupped them. " Your going to show me right now." She looked at me and than at my back. "Fine."
I got up and had my back facing her. I lifted up my shirt, showing her what was underneith.
"W-where did theese come from?" Her face was filled with shock. " I got in an accident driving our lawn mower. I never told anyone and I was in alot of pain."
"I can see that. Well. I`m sorry I barged in like this." She stood up and pulled my shirt down.
" Its alright. I`ll be back at school tomorrow. I promise you." I smiled and hugged her.
She soon left and I sighed and sat down on my bed.
Nice save. I thought to myself and smiled.
Later that night I was playing with my kitten and my dad came home again from the bar. In an attempt for me to hide, he opened the door and ran over. He ripped the shirt off my back and pushed me to the ground and said " WHY IS THAT THERE?!" Refering to the cuts he made. " You did it!" I cried. "WHY DID I DO IT?!" he yelled. "I don`t know. Because you were drunk. LIKE YOU ARE NOW!" Tears filled my face. " What did you just say?" he took ahold of my hair. "I SAID THAT YOUR DRUNK!" I yelled.
he ripped my hair forward and than down, letting go of my hair, letting my head crash to the ground.
"What are you doing?" My mother ran in and came to my side. " Get out of here!" He smacked my mom and she went off crying. "Don`t touch our baby girl!" My mom yelled and my dad got up and said "Fine. I`ll leave her. For now." And left my room.
I did not dare to move. For I did not wish to be hurt again. I hope my mother is okay. Thats the first time she was home when this happened. Out of the rest of the year. The first time she saw this happen.
The next day I got up and put on a new tank top. This one was dark purple.
I picked up my backpack and headed out the door as fast as I could. I could not bother to see my family when I look like this, Bruised, cut and hurt.
On my way to school, my heart pounded quickly, as I hopped that Jessica and her gang wouldn`t block my path. But, they did.
"Where are you going? We waited for you every day before school and you never showed up. Did you get your mommy to drive you or did you fall through a glass door again?" Jessica and her friends laughed. " Actuly. I got in a Lawn Mower Accident. If you don`t mind." I smiled and swiched my backpack to the other side. "Oh real Funny. Alison." She snapped her fingers and smiled.
Alison got out of the car and flicked her long blonde hair, she walked over and pushed me to the ground. TayTay and Abby came over and joined Alison and they all started to kick me. Jessica walked over and sat in her car, watched and laughed as I rolled around on the ground in pain as her friends kicked me.
"Oh my god!" Abby Yelled shocked. "AH!" TayTay screamed and ran into the car. "What?" Jessica asked confused. "BLOOD! Everywhere!" Abby yelled in horror and jumped into the car, as did Alison. "Oh god. That never happened." Jessica said worried and drove off.
I stayed there. I could hear the bell ring at the school. I rolled over and looked. I closed my eyes and continued to wait, intill someone noticed.
After about 10 minutes. My history teacher drove up and saw me. She helped me up and into her car and wrapped some warm blankets around me.
"Its going to be alright. Trust me." She smiled and petted my head as a sighn for Comfort.
Next thing I new I was in a hospital. I was wrapped from my chest down to my hips in bandages and over 43 stitches in my back. My mom was sitting in the chair waiting for me to awake.
"Mom?" I said painfully. "Yes. Oh baby, I didn`t know kids at school were so mean. I`m sorry. And Your father told me everything he did. We are getting a divorse. Hes going to jail for Abuse and you and your brothers and little sister are going to stay with me." She took my hand and a tear slid down her face. "Mom. Its over." I said and looked at her with a blue and purple face. "What do you mean, its over?" She asked confused. "Life. For me. Its over. I can see a bright light. Mom. I can see her."
"See who?" Tears ran down her face, crashing onto the floor. "I can see Beth. Shes smiling. She looks better again. Shes happy. Mom?"
"Its time to go now."
"Please don`t leave me."
"I must go."
"Don`t leave me, I love you."
"I love you too Mom. Make sure to take care of Ally for me."
"I will." she cried.
" B..."
Beep Beep
"No!" My mother cried in pain.
That was the last I remember before I flew into the heavens. " Beth!" I smiled and hugged her. "You look much better now Eleise. You have returned back to how you use to look before your father did those mean things to you." Beth hugged me back and smiled. "As do you."
"You are in Gods hands now. With myself and many others. Other Abused Children. Like us." Beth let me go and put her hands up in the air and closed her eyes. She took in a deep breath and opened them again, clapping her hands together over her head and moving them to infront of her chest. " Beth thats-thats- thats beautiful!" I smiled.
Before us was a bunch of abused children and teens like us. I started to run through the clouds Finally,I was safe,I was an Angel.


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