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DREAM that finally came TRUE!

Short story By: Laurena27Fay
Young adult

A young Teen girl from Milwalkee ,Wisconsin meeting someone famous and starting her life at a young age. who then looses someone close to her!

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DREAM that finally came TRUE!

Once upon a time there was a teen girl named Ella Bella. She loved her best friend more than anything in the whole wide world. Ella Bella and Olive were getting ready to go to Los Angelo's, California. This is a great deal for Ella Bella; only because she has dreamed her whole life for becoming famous. Little did olive know this is the only reason Ella Bella is going because there is this huge audition for a brand new movie coming out.

Finally June 12th had arrived; Ella Bella and olive were on their way to LAX. They talked about all the things they were going to do on the plane ride. Only because Olive was so nervous to be on a plane. Ella Bella would read about the audition more and more as they draw closer to LAX. She practices more and more on her parts because she is auditioning for the biggest part of the movie.

Shortly after they have arrived in LAX the girls wanted to go shopping Ella Bella for her audition outfit. Ella Bella bought the most beautiful shirt and pants she could find from LA Trends. Over all her outfit was glamorous it had white sparkles that twinkled like diamonds, dazzled with beautiful elegant red roses and the sleeves danced in the wind like angel wings from heaven. To go with her glamorous shirts she had the most spectacular pair of LA idol Jeans. This made Ella Bella even more excite than ever before for her audition tomorrow.

Soon after leaving LA Trends they went to Starbucks. The girl's bought some of their favorite coffees. Ella Bella and Olive decided to go look some more inside the mall. When suddenly the two girls accidently ran into Taylor Lautner in a disguise, but only Ella Bella could tell it was him. Taylor Just thought that Ella Bella was the cutest girl that he had ever seen in the whole world. Taylor just knew he was going to find her even if it took forever!

The next day Ella Bella went to the auditions but, little did she know that Taylor was the star and who she will be acting with as a partner. Soon it was Ella Bella's turn to audition Taylor's Eyes lit up so big. They both began to say there parts. Taylor gazed deeply into Ella's eyes; he took her by the hand.

"I have dreamed my whole life of meeting someone as truly great as you are!" Said Taylor.

"Well you will no longer ever have to dream, why you ask because everything you could have ever wanted is standing right before you." Said Ella Bella.

Taylor began to pick Ella up and hug her staring her deeply in the eyes. Never before have had the judges ever seen such a deep connection between two actors. The judges began to stand and cheer. The producer stands up he then says "Ella Bella congratulations you have the leading part!"

Taylor couldn't be any more excited this has truly mad him happy never in all of Taylor's life did he figure that lines from his part would mean exactly what his heart wanted to say. Ella Bella still didn't realize that Taylor meant every word from his lines. Shortly after leaving the studio Ella went to get her things. The producer gave her this beautiful house up on a beautiful green hill. The producer gave her this pretty green colored credit card.

"Go buy anything you want and need for your beautiful house and any clothes you desire." Said the Producer.

But before Ella Bella could even get out the door someone had buzzed from the front gate. Little did she know that it was Taylor Lautner so she let them come on in? When the limo had pulled up to the front door Ella had grabbed her purse and went out the door only because she thought the limo was for her. Taylor got out of the car with some beautiful red roses and Ella's favorite coffee from Starbucks. She then Ran up and hugged him knocking the coffee and flowers on the ground only caring about him. He picked her up off the ground he wrapped her legs around him stared deeply in each other's eyes.

Taylor then said, "I have wanted this my whole life!"

Ella then kissed Taylor so passionately.

Shortly after Ella and Taylor had fell in love, he proposed. They were to be married the next upcoming Saturday. Ella didn't tell Taylor that she had just found out she was a few months pregnant. As they got everything together things couldn't have been anymore more perfect on this wonderful Saturday. Ella Bella had a beautiful rose in her hands and down her sweetly braided hair. Ella Bella's father walking her down the aisle with this huge smile on his face. Ella's mother on the other end with a this big smile shinning brighter than the sun, Ella's best friend olive holding a pink rose finally Taylor staring at Ella With the same twinkling eyes he had on the day they first met. But most of all was the smile that Taylor had on his face. Taylor's smile shinned brighter than anything you could put together that sparkled.

Ella's father gave her away on that gorgeous Saturday evening. Taylor took Ella by the hand, Ella squeezed his had tightly.

Taylor sited his vows "Ella you are the greatest girl in the whole wide world, you're better than any shining star in the sky that burns at night. My heart beats wilder than as if i were jumping from 35,000 feet. I want your love now and for the rest of my life."

Ella took a tighter grip of Taylor's hand.

"Taylor your as sparkle brighter than any star put together at night when you gaze at me no words can ever explain how much I love you, standing here with you today means more than anything imaginable from a small child's heart and for the rest of my life i will always love you!" Said Ella Bella.

The preacher began with saying, "do you Taylor Lautner take Ella Bella to be your loving wife to provide for her care for her through sickness and until death?"

Taylor, "I do."

The preacher then said, " Ella Bella do you take Taylor Lautner to be your loving husband and throughout sickness to love and care for him until death?"

Ella Bella, "I do."

The preacher, "You may kiss the bride!"

Taylor raised Ella's vail with that bright twinkle in his eye kissed Ella.

Ella and Taylor announced that, "everyone is invited to the reception."

Ella and Taylor began to cut the cake and drink the wine. They kissed one last time as they walked through the bubbles to the car and drove off into the sunset.

The next day Ella Bella had told Taylor that she had found out she is three months pregnant with his baby. The only way that told her he was so excited was that the twinkle in his eye from the day they met. But today is the day Ella told Taylor they get to find out what we are having. The twinkle in Taylor's eyes told Ella he was truly happy. Little did Ella know the awful news that Taylor was going to tell her? They both got dressed. Taylor and Ella headed to the doctor where they met Dr. Lewie.

Dr. Lewie shook Ella and Taylor's hand.

Dr. Lewie than said, "Hi, how you all doing, are you and the baby feeling ok?"

Ella said, "Me and the baby are doing great feel wonderful and couldn't love the little butterflies any more than ever."

Dr. Lewie said, "That's wonderful I guess you guys want to know what the little things gender is?"

Taylor said, "Yes!" before Ella could even get another word out.

The doctor than began to rub medical lube on Ella's belly. Then began to display the baby on the screen. Showing the little head, arms and feet. Then the doctor showed between the little legs. Dr. Lewie then looked up.

Dr. Lewie said, "You all are having a precious little boy!"

Taylor Screamed at the top of his lungs. "Yayy a boy a boy!"

Ella Bella looked at Taylor and smiled.

Shortly after leaving the baby doctor Taylor and Ella were laying in there bed Ella rubbing her belly when Taylor took her by the hand.

"Ella I have needed to tell you this for a long time." says Taylor.

I have stage 4 cancer all over my body it's too much too fight I probably won't live to see baby's first birthday." said Taylor.

Ella broke down into tears.

Soon 5 months had passed and the day was January 15th, 2013. Today was the day Taylor Jr. was coming by C section. The time had come for Ella to push and Taylor seen Dr. Lewie grab a hold of the baby's head and pull but then all of the sudden Taylor Started coughing up Blood and fell into the floor. They then called for emergency room doctors to get him once they got him stable they brought him back into the room. Once Little Taylor Jr. started crying Taylor opened his eyes with that twinkle Ella had always loved.

Ella then, "requested for Taylor to hold his baby."

Taylor took his last breath holding his baby.

Ella Bella never remarried and spent her whole life dedicated to Taylor Jr.


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