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Holly returns to the park, like she does every Saturday to meet her ex-boyfriend Aaron. Though the conversation doesn't go quite as planned.

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The cold winter wind was biting against my cheeks and my hair was being whipped in every direction. I shoved my hands in my pockets and heaved a heavy sigh; watching my breath disappear into the wind and snow. The bench I had been sitting on for the past half-hour was now hurting my ass. I met him every Saturday in the park at one, but today was almost unbearable.

It was 1:20 and I was scared he wasn't going to show up this time. I looked around the snow covered park and saw no sign of him still. Though I always did love how peaceful a place could look covered in snow. It's almost surreal sometimes; the untouched, white snow glimmering in the little rays of sun poking through the clouds.

I decided I would wait ten more minutes and then if he didn't show up, I would go back home. There was always next Saturday. I buried my face into my scarf to protect it from the harsh, bitter wind. C'mon, Aaron, please come, please. I watched the snowflakes land on my pants and dissolve seconds later.

I braved pulling my hand out of my pocket to check my watch. 1:25. Five more minutes and I was going home. I couldn't stand sitting out here much longer. The sun was trying to come through the clouds, but the clouds were putting up a fight; refusing to let this be a sunny day. One of the swings moved an inch or so, and I felt my heart rate pick up. Aaron! But just as quickly as I got my hopes up, they were crushed. It was just the wind.

I checked my watch again. 1:30. Okay, I told myself. I'm going home. I waited just a few more seconds before standing up. I took one last look at the park, before turning my back and trudging back home. I couldn't have taken more than ten steps before I heard it, loud and clear.

"Holly!" Aaron's voice called. He was standing right by the swing that moved just minutes before.

I trudged over as quickly as I could. He came! His cheeks were rosy, and he black hair poked at odd angles from underneath his hat. He was wearing my favorite green coat that brought out his eyes. He looked so cute, like always.

"I didn't think you were going to come." I said as I nuzzled against his chest, feeling his arms wrap around my waist. He was so warm despite how cold it was outside.

He pulled away from me, and I saw how sad his face looked. "You're forgetting me Holly." He said with a frown.

"No I'm not!" I said indignantly.

"Yes you are. I can feel it. It's getting harder for me to come see you now. You're forgetting me. You've found someone new and you're forgetting me. You said you would never forget me." He sounded extremely hurt.

"Aaron, I swear I'm not-"

"You knew this wouldn't last forever anyway. Eventually I wouldn't be able to see you anymore. Why are you trying to rush that?" he asked.

"I'm not! I- what am I supposed to do Aaron?! I was alone. I know it wasn't your fault, but I was alone! I had to move on at some point! I couldn't just sit in my room and mope forever. It's been three years Aaron. I need someone." I shouted, closing my eyes in frustration.

When I opened them, he was gone. Just like that; as quickly as he had left this world three years ago. I stood staring at the spot where he had been standing seconds prior. No marks in the snow. No indication that anyone had even been there. I hung my head, as a tear slipped down my cheek. I turned and walked away from the swing, from the park, from Aaron, forever.


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