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This is just something I had dreamed once. I changed names to keep some what private :D hope y'all like it.

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Used To

"Can we talk?" I turned around to see him. I rolled my eyes and turned around again. "Wait," he reached out and grabbed my arm.

"What? What could you of all people possibly want from me?" I blinked a few times. My given sign of being utterly pissed.

"I just want to talk."

"So talk," I said crossing my arms in front of me. "You've got two minutes, I'm busy." I looked back at my waiting friends. The friends who were currently trying to understand what was happening. Only one friend knew, or possibly could tell, what was going on. She was with me through everything. She had hung out with me and my now ex-boyfriend. She didn't exactly 'know' him, but she knew what kind of guy he was. And she knew what he did to my emotions.

"Go on," she urged him. "I'd love to see how this turns out for you. Besides we have to wait for Ryder." I looked around, realizing myself, that he in fact wasn't here.

"Alright. Once he shows up, we leave." I turned back to Maddox. "Got it?" He only nodded. He looked over my shoulder and looked back at me. "Oh for the love of God." I grabbed his hand and walked a good twenty feet away from my friends. "What?" I shouted at him.

"I miss you." I stared at him. I would have been happy to hear that. I would have been grateful that my first love had decided that he still wanted me. That I mattered. I would have… six months ago. But it was January now. Over six months had passed since the guy that I had loved unconditionally, spent all my time with, had devoted myself to completely, had confessed he smoked, he lied about it, and that he didn't want me anymore.

He hadn't said it as harshly as that, but that's basically the short story. If I went into the full story, I'd be telling you how he had texted me the Friday night after school had ended last year (2011). I'd be saying how his friend had texted me as well saying how he's so sorry that Maddox had been lying to me the entire time we dated. I'd also be confessing how humiliated and embarrassed I felt after I had practically begged Maddox not to give up on us. (And that's hard enough to just admit, since A: I rarely cry, B: I've never cried over a boy before, and C: I wouldn't admit it, usually, even if you were standing in front of me while the tears ran down.)

I had felt like a complete idiot. But it didn't matter now. Like I said, it's been six months. So I continued to stare. I hadn't said a single word.

"Mary?" He grabbed my chin with his hand and tilted my face to his. "I really do miss you." He leant in and kissed me softly. I was still frozen. I had let my eyes close, but I hadn't kissed back. I let him get it out of his system.

He pulled his head back and put two hands on each side of my neck. "Please say something, or at least kiss me back." He leant forward again, but only put his forehead to mine. He stared at me also now.

I unfroze and pulled away. I looked over to my friends to see Ryder had joined the group and was looking in our direction, as everyone was. I turned back to Maddox. "I got to go." I pulled away and walked back to my group. I stopped halfway and turned back to see Maddox staring at the ground. "Maddox!" He looked up. "I used to."

He looked confused now. "Used to what?"

"Used to miss you, too. But looking back…I realized we fought more as friends than we had as a couple. And if we couldn't be friends first, then it wouldn't have been a fairy tale ending."

He looked at me with understanding and a small smile. "And you've always wanted a fairy tale ending?"

I blew air out of my nose, slightly smiling. "After everything, kind of deserve it. Don't ya think?" He simply nodded. I turned around and caught up with my friends. I smiled at Ryder. "Hi."

He smiled back. "Hi."


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