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How do you escape the clutches of a crazy woman who just wants you so bad?

This is the first time I've written anything like this, but I hope it's acceptable.

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She came closer, a seductive smile in her face. I didn't like her, but hell did she like me. I back away every time she tried to come anywhere near. She wore a skin-tight blouse with the buttons almost popping out. I know she wanted me, but honestly, she creeps me out. Backing away only seemmed to make her want me more. She's kidnapped me and locked me in here with her. Obviously, she wanted to have her way. I knew if I gave myself to her, there was no turning back - I'd regret it for sure. But on the other hand, if I didn't give her what she wanted, worse may come. I gave up. Resisting her seemed almost impossible now.

As she saw me giving up and inching towards her, she made a fast approach and began undressing. I was starting to regret my decision. she looked up and began to speak, pressing her lips closely to my ear. I blocked out her voice - she was disgusting.

I felt like a fly on a spider's web. Trapped with no way out. I couldn't take it. As she finished unbuttoning my shirt and let my arms free, I ran for the door. It was locked, obviously. But even more obviously, she had the key. But where? She was down to only her underwear now. She's crazy. She knows I can't escape. She flashed another smile at me - that bitch.

As far as I know, I have to find a way to escape this spider's web.

I don't even know her, yet she seems to know my whole identity. Time was running. I had to get home. My wife will surely worry, and if she sees me this way, I'm more fucked up than I already am.. That's when I saw it. Right there in her bra was unmistakably a key. Now that's just not right.

She was at arms reach now. I had to get it. But I had to make sure she wouldn't know what I was planning. I decided to play by her game.

In my most seductive voice, I whispered loud enough for her to hear me. "Come here."

She was definitely delighted at my call as she practically threw herself at me. I got her now. Escape was so close...

I pulled her close to me, her body touching mine. This was my chance. I knew I would regret it, but now was not the time for that. This was my one and only shot. I put my hand inside her bra and searched as she moaned and giggled excitedly. I couldn't find it... But I couldn't help feeling at least a bit tempted. I mean, I'm still a man... No. I couldn't get distracted now. My hand moved around trying to feel for the piece of metal that will save me from this mad woman.

I found it! Now only one thing remained - escape.

The door was just a few steps away. I pulled my hand out slowly as she silenced. I had a bad feeling that she knew. Her eyes flashed with fury as she realized that I had taken the key. Without thinking, I ran for the door and clumsily unlocked it.

I slammed the door shut before she made her way out and ran away as fast as possible far from that creep. Now, there's only one thing left to worry about - my wife.


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