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The Young Hero

By: LunaticLullaby

Page 1, A story I had to write about a young hero who had to face stuff

Darkess consumes the young hero, but she glues a convincing well used and well practiced smile to her face. Looking in the mirror now she sees a fat slob. Katt claws at her streach marked skin, shaking her head, denying the ribs pushing from her chest, blinded to the hip bones jutting sharply. She swears to herself that she will not eat for the rest of the day, into tomorrow. Walking down the stairs into the kitchen her resolve dissolves. Reaching high into cabinets she pulls out sweets and quickly stuffs them into her mouth. When the chocolate box is emptied she throws it out and sets to work. Locking the bathroom door tight she slams cold finger down her sore throat and purges.

Another day of darkness, only a moment of relief the first seconds of silents in the empty house. This is it, she can't go on any more. In a daze she walks to the kitchen and open the familiar medicine cabinet, one she's gazed into many times, just deciding. Today there is no deciding, she finds the bottle with the most pills, gets a glass of water and begins to swallow the bitter capsules one-by-one. A half-hour later she lays on the floor next to a puddle of vomit, her mother walks in and is instantly kneeling beside her, a furry of panicked qustions.

In the dimbly lit office she sits and listens to her therapists' advice, nodding on occasion. Her mother sits in the chair next to her, answering the doctor's questions. 'Were there any signs?' 'How are you feeling about all of this?' 'Have you two talked about it any?' Katt parts her plush pink lips and lets out a sob as the doctor asks what it was like telling her friends about "The Incident." Though drowsy from this new medication, she feels as though a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Finally she can get the help she's needed. The doctor says that if her eating disorder gets worse then she'll need to be sent to a specialist, dread sweeps over the teen, she attatched.

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