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Desperate Connection

Short story By: Maij
Young adult

An obssesive young woman acts upon instict to get closer to an older mysterious stranger.

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His name was Seth. I had been trying for weeks to find out what his name was. I finally overheard my grandmother and a friend of hers discussing our new neighbor. Old ladies always had the latest gossip on the tips of their tongues. He was a native of Australia. He had no wife or children and was presumed to have moved here to "start fresh", which made me wonder: what had soiled his past? After I found out his name and these bits of information about him, I began to feel a connection to him. I often dreamed of escaping my disturbed past. Of course, if the average head shrink was to have a glimpse into the thoughts I conjured about my new muse, they would say that these feelings were unhealthy; obsessive even. I was of course, obsessed. I was undeniably fixated on him. Even his name connected me to him. Each night since I had learned it, whenever I felt I needed to be near him, I would rush to the nearest closet and whisper it into the darkness. His name felt rough whenever I allowed it to emerge from my lips and skip off my tongue. Whenever I speak it I feel it, a living entity contained in my mouth, roughish and delicate; simple and sensual.
It had been three days since I found out his name. This is when I began to feel restless. The ritual of saying his name into the darkness was no longer enough. The connection was slipping; the heated passion which had begun to consume my heart and soul by the second was beginning to cool. I needed more. So here I stood, under his bedroom window, wanting to burst in and… do what? I didn't know. I felt frenzied and couldn't begin to rationalize the chaos within me. All that I was certain of was that I yearned to… connect. He had left his home hours before and now was my chance to get in and rob from him a token which held his essence.
The house that he now lived in had belonged to Ms. Braun. She was a friend of my grandmothers who had passed away years before. I often went with my grandmother on visits there, so I knew my way around this house pretty well. I decided that the cellar would be the easiest and most discreet way to enter. I pried the loosely nailed plywood planks off of the cellar door and grasped the rusted handles on the cellar entrance. I pulled the doors pen and was greeted by the moist damp air that had been held inside the cellar for the past two years. I entered the darkness, closing the door behind me. I made my descent down the stairs diligently. I could feel dirt and pebbles crunching beneath the thin soles of my shoes. As I reached the floor I realized it was slightly flooded. Though I kept my footsteps light, a soft splashing sound followed my every step. When I finally reached the stairs that would lead into the kitchen, my heart beat intensified. Each step I took pushed me closer and closer to the treasures I sought. The door knob felt cool inside my moist and trembling hands. I opened the squeaky door to the kitchen and slipped quietly inside. Through the sheer curtains of the kitchen window, I saw a crescent moon in a field of deep purple sky. As I gazed upon it, I knew that this night was fated in my favor. I made my way from the kitchen to the hall and headed toward his bedroom.
I opened the third door down the hall and a sweet aroma that I knew belonged to Seth rushed forward to greet me, titillating my senses. I felt absolutely elated; I floated inches off the floor. His bed, covered with dark grey sheets was slightly wrinkled; from where he had lain hours before I presumed. Cherishing the moment, I slowly knelt until my face was level with his bed. As I rubbed my face across the slightly scratchy sheets, I felt a sense of euphoria wash over my entire being. I was overwhelmed by it and soon I felt it wasn't enough.I wanted to bask in this feeling and make this brief dabble into Seth's reality a lasting memory. I stood up and removed every stitch of clothing from my body. I crawled slowly onto Seth's bed and lay down.
The scent that branded the bed was heavy and sweet. I relished in the orgy of scents that covered Seth's bed. My mind was reeling and I couldn't believe I was experiencing such bliss; such connection. I moved about his bed slowly, desperate to brand my body with his essence.
It seemed like I had lay there for an eternity and thought that the time had come for me to search for my souvenir. As I lay there with my eyes closed, I pondered what I should take. I was about to realize that I wouldn't have time to ponder long. As I began to sit up, I was greeted by an awesome sight. Seth was standing quietly in the doorway, gazing at me. I was frozen and unable to move. I realized that the element which held me still was not fear. I felt unusually calm and almost euphoric. I had finally met the object of my raw obsession face to face and without uttering a word I showed him my true self. Seth stood silently at the threshold, looking at the creature that, unbeknownst to him, would transform his life. As he continued to look into my eyes, his amber gaze, although intense, assured me that we had made a connection.


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