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Corrine Pellor flies back to New York for her best friends wedding to a certain James Fitz. The minute she lands it's as if everything she says makes the wedding more unlikly.

Will she be able to fix the wedding she's ruining??? Or will she just go along for the wild ride???

(And yes it's another challenge, don't hate me! Again all I need is 'I Like It' votes! please!!!)

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My First Booksie Challenge-LadyOfRohan
I stared at my best friend from high school in disbelief. Her light green eyes looked confused at my reaction. I gulped air back into my empty lungs. Trying to slow my erratic heartbeat.
"You're marrying a man called James Fitz?" I asked "Who is eighteen years older then you," I fumed. Mary pouted her lips and her eyes watered. I rolled my dark brown eyes, exasperated.
"Corrine how can you be like this on my wedding day?" she wailed, the clear drops of water streaking her face. I sighed inwardly and outwardly smiled apologetically.
"You're right Mary, it just caught me by surprised that you were marrying someone so much older then you," I partway lied.
"I know but, oh, Corrine we're in love," she sighed going all gooey on me.
"And this has nothing to do with his millions of dollars," I hinted. She gasped looking outraged. I cringed back into my seat bracing myself for her wrath.
"Corrine how dare you! Are you calling me some sort of slut who just goes with guys for money…" she yelled. I quickly jumped up to calm her down before someone came into the room and accused me of upsetting the bride.
"No, no of cause not Mary," I soothed. "It's just…you know how I've been trying to figure out who my birth father is right?" I asked.
I was the result of a one night stand my very drunk eighteen-year-old mother had had twenty-two years ago. My mother had married at the age of Twenty-two, when I was four and my 'dad' Mark had been in my life ever since. When I started university I'd taken an interest in finding out whom my real father was. And the day before I caught my plane back to my hometown for Mary's wedding I'd found out.
"Yeah," she nodded her breathing under control and her colour returning to normal.
"I found out who he is," I informed her. her eye lit up with curiosity and she motioned for me to continue. "His name is…James Fitz." Her whole face fell. Her legs buckled out from underneath her and I only just caught her before she hit the ground. "Breath Mary, please breath," I begged getting her back onto her bed.
"I'm marrying your dad," she choked out. I gave her a sorry smile and shrugged, nodding.
"Okay. This is okay. I mean it doesn't change anything does it?" she asked. I shook my head, no. "You'll still be my bridesmaid?"
"Of cause Mary," I told her. "Now let's get you into the hands of some professionals. You got to look good on your big day right?"
"Right, yeah. Let's go," she mumbled standing up and heading for the door.
For the rest of the morning Mary dragged her two other bridesmaids, Lauren and Kelly, and me over to the huge cathedral they were getting married in. We were led into one of the back rooms so she could get changed.
Her dress was beautiful. Slightly off white in colour in had a fitted bodice that became a ruffled skirt with a long train. It had small decorative flowers the same colour as the gown sown in that were on both bodice and skirt. She had off the shoulder straps and long white gloves that came up past her elbows. It really suited her thick, wavy brown hair.
The bridesmaid dresses were all altered slightly for each of us but had the same overall pattern. They were strapless and fell to just above her knees. A dark cream band ran around the hem and another one just under our busts. The rest was a crisp white with the same flower pattern Mary's dress had indented in the material.
It took an hour for the professional and expensive hairdressers and makeup artists to get us to perfection. We all looked like a few fairy tales were missing their princesses. Mary's green eyes were sparkling but I couldn't help but notice worry swimming under the surface. I gave her an encouraging smile as I was whisked out to greet guests.
I smiled and said hello until my cheeks were aching and I asked Lauren to take over. I escaped into the large empty church and just the door softly behind me. All the pews had large bows with bouquets in the middle on the inner end of each pew. I walked up the aisle a pang of longing blooming inside my chest.
"So which bridesmaid are you, Kelly or Lauren?" a male asked behind me. I spun around cheeks burning with chagrin at having been caught hiding away from everyone.
"Corrine actually," I replied to the…groom. My dad was fairly good looking for a forty-year-old man. His thick blonde hair had no sign of grey and a fit build was visible under his slim fitting suit.
"Corrine I think you're Mary's favourite between you and me," he winked walking up to me.
"Good to know," I replied my heart beat speeding up. Do I tell him now or after. What if he freaks? What if he doesn't? Does he have other kids? Or am I his only one? "Um so is this your first wedding," I asked, cringing as the words left my mouth. He raised an eyebrow at me but answered anyway.
"First," he replied looking amused. I smiled back tightly. Suddenly my mouth seemed to disconnect from my brain.
"I think you're my father." The minute the words left my mouth my hand had slapped over my lips. He swallowed visible, mouth open and eyes wide as he blinked slowly.
"Impossible," he choked.
"No not impossible," I continued. "You had a one night stand twenty-two years ago with a certain Miranda Binks and I'm the consequence." He shook his head back and forth slowly. Suddenly one of his groomsmen came and said it was time to get ready. I gave him an apologetic smile already knowing this was not going to turn out well.
Everyone pilled into the huge room fighting with glares, income and blood relation to the happy couple to get the best seats. I was waiting outside the closed doors with Kelly for Lauren to get back with Mary so the ceremony could really start. My blood ran cold when Lauren rushed up to his eyes panicked and breath coming in quick gasps.
"She's gone! I can't fine her anywhere!" she exclaimed. My mind went blank and I felt faint.
"Shit okay you two search this entire building I'll go tell the priest," I ordered taking a breath as I pushed open the wooden door and walked into onto the aisle. I came faced to face with a very nervous groomsmen.
"James is gone."
"Mary's disappeared." We both blurted out before gasping and panicking even more.
"Shit," I swore.
"What is going on?" demanded Mrs Greene, Mary's mother. Do I tell? Yes you do.
"I found out who my father is," I announced. "James Fitz. Both Mary and James know."
"What!" I heard someone yell right next to me. I turned, cringing, to face my mother. Darn it I'd forgotten I met Mary because our mothers were best friends.
"Yeah the grooms the guy who knocked you up, my dad. Oh hey Mark," I greeted. "Listen you guys sort this out. I'll find our runaway bride." With that I turned on my annoyingly high, thin heels and walked out into the court yard in front of the church as fast as I could.
I saw a Mary crouched in the roots on one of the large, shady trees. I took a deep breath and forced my numb legs forward. I reached her and cleared my throat as I lowered myself down next t her.
"Mary I am so sorry. I swear I had no idea…" I began.
"I'm too young to get married. I mean I've been engaged to the guy longer then I dated him," she wailed. Okay not what I was expecting but I'll go with it.
"But you were so happy Mary," I stated, confused.
"More of the idea. My dad abandoned me. My longest relation, excluding this one, was six months. Guy's don't like me and I was clinging to James for dear life. But you put everything into perspective. I'm marrying a guy who's old enough to be my father, is yours," she blubbered. I put a comforting arm around her slim shoulder and made soothing noises.
"He ain't worth it. Knocked up my mum and is getting married for the first time at the age of forty. He ain't worth this Mary," I comforted. She nodded sniffling.
"Your right. I'm worth more then him," she declared.
"That's right," I agreed. "C'mon." I stood up and brushed myself off. I turned and offered my hand. Mary took it gratefully and I pulled her up. "Where young, were single," I winked. "Let's go get drunk and forget this whole mess," I proclaimed.
"Your right. I'm going to drink until I forget my own name," she announced. We wrapped our arms around each other and ran off giggling like school girls.
Nine months later I was a single mother with a no show father and a ruined wedding to thank for it wihsing I'd stayed away from New York like the plague.
A/N: Yes this is another challenge. I know you all hate me but this one needs 'LIKES' as well. The story with the most 'LIKES' wins! So encase you've forgotten it's the little blue box in the corner. Just move your mouse and click. Thank-You! ^_^


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