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Clenched Fist In My Stomach, Twisted Heart.

Short story By: MissFinn
Young adult

I am going through deep pain at the moment and this story carries alot of my emotion, although none of it is true or intended to be:

Submitted:Jun 15, 2014    Reads: 24    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

When you're a child, no one ever tells you how hard life is. They teach you life morals and tell you how beautiful it is to fall in love, but they don't teach you how much it hurts when your heart gets broken.

As I stand on the rails of the bridge I look down at the rushing river below me. It's risen so much higher then usual because of all the heavy rain. The brown, deadly water gushes past huge rocks like nothing. I know that if I jump I will die after a matter of seconds.I take a deep breath and try not to shiver so much. It's a cold winter night and I am standing in my bra and undies above the river that has killed many before me.

'Annabel stop! Please don't do this, just step down and we can talk it out!" Yells Cody at me above the sound of the loud water.I look at him with tears in my eyes and scream.

"Do you understand how I feel now?! Do you finally realise I'm not worrying over nothing?! Do you finally realise how much you hurt me you piece of shit?!"

"Yes! Yes I do and I am so sorry!" Yells Cody back with a wobbly voice.

"It's too late for sorry, it was too late for sorry months ago" I cry, I turn back to the water and take a deep breathe.

"Please Stop! Please don't do it I love you please just don't jump!" I can hear Cody cry out with sorrow but I am no longer paying attention.

I take my last few deep breathes of the beautiful air, that I will miss.

I think of my life, mostly filled with sadness and hurt.

I think of who Cody once was and who he has turned into.

I feel the clenching fist in my stomach and my twisted heart that has been like that for months and I know that soon it will finally be gone.

Cody is screaming along with other people, and I close my eyes, lift my arms up and jump.

For two seconds I am flying down and it feels beautiful, and then I am in freezing cold water, there is no longer a sky above my head. I struggle to the surface for a second and then the water throws me against a rock and everything goes black.

The clenched fist in my stomach and my twisted heart is now soothed.

I now float in the water, pale as snow, eyes as empty as a porcelain dolls.


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