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She will always remember

Short story By: MissGangamash
Young adult

A story close to my heart.

Submitted:Apr 25, 2013    Reads: 78    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

It is your typical teenage heartbreak story.

Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy and spends her whole highschool experience wishing that he felt the same way.

But she was stuck in the dreaded friend-zone and couldn't fight her way out.

She hated that she was going to let someone so perfect get away. But she knew it would be too good to be true if he loved her too.

At prom she saw him notice her and wondered whether he thought she looked pretty. She smiled at the thought that he did.

But he had a girlfriend.

Then highschool ended and she knew it was time to turn a new leaf. She was sick of pining over someone she knew she could never have.

So she did what all the girls do in the movies. She got a drastic haircut and got a whole new outlook on life.

She smiled at the thought that she would never see him again, that he would be out of her life for good; that she could heal.

Unfortunately, the world had a different idea.

Her heart plummeted when she went to college and first stepped foot in one of her new classes. He was there. She hadn't escaped him.

One day, they sat beside each other in that class and shared a brief conversation about the good old times when they would sit and talk about stupid things together.

She wanted to cry but she saved her tears until she came home.

For the rest of those two years, he sat on the opposite side of the room.

She couldn't stop herself from looking at him from time to time but mentally kicked herself every time she did.

He still had a girlfriend.

There was still no way they were going to end up together.

But one day, when she glanced in his direction, her heart flipped. He was looking back at her. His clear blue eyes looked distant, as if he was reaching into the back of his mind.

She gulped hard.

The look spoke volumes. The look made her heart race. The look said, 'I remember."

Now he is at university and she is working. He has actually left her life for good.

But he still visits her, uninvited, as she sleeps.

In her dreams, he is always there.

She gets angry at herself because she knows it must mean that she is thinking about him and she so desperately wants to move on.

But deep down she knows...she will always remember.

A part of her is thankful for what he did to her. She now feels that the heart-ache was a blessing in disguise.

It was because of all those bottled up emotions that she started to write.

It was because of all those nights crying herself to sleep that she found her true calling.

It was because of all those missed opportunities that she found something she loved just as much as she loved him.

She wishes she will bump into him a long way down the line so she can thank him in person.

Because without him, she wouldn't be the person she is today.


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